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Hundred Things to do with your Smartphone Navigate, Learn, Play

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Hundred Things to do with your Smartphone Navigate, Learn, Play

Автор: celal boz

Длина: 38 стр.13 мин


Writing this eBook idea given to me by a friend who is an information Technology professional like me, he could not believe some of the things I told him I was doing using my cell Phone, at the time I was using a Windows phone and he had a Blackberry phone and it was limited compared to Windows Mobile library. Now I have several Android Phones and that app collection is ten folds. Now the problem is to keep track of the great apps and app ideas. I will try to touch up some concepts here with usage examples and not link an example app for all the items for sake of keeping it small, we all know we can use the Google to locate in a an instant if we type any of these keyword(s)

Once again this eBook to give you my experiences with a bunch of cell phone apps not to give you illegal links to apps, link to already present online store app links. Why because there are six operating systems currently used by Smart phones and my opinion based on owning almost all of them or using them a t work like Blackberry and Androids tops the list. A little search you can them anything on the net, make sure it is safe, Google app store do not list individual apps on the net they have Play Store for that and I phones has ITunes but they do list the categories of apps I will link below. Good luck with your treasure hunt. Hrrr.