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Stay (Pixie #3)

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Stay (Pixie #3)

Автор: Willow Nonea Rae

Длина: 112 стр.1 ч


Dek barely tolerates Jorn after liberating him from the Gentleman's Tank, and the lack of appreciation is mutual on the part of Liyelu's brother, but the pair attempt to remain civil for the pixie's sake. While Dek, Koioh, and other Guarding circle members debrief the mer liberated from the tank, Liyelu's ancy nature lands her in the hands of mer sent to bring her to the rogues.
Can the Dark Elf and his partners find the tank she's been taken to before her consciousness is compromised by the mind-clouding toxins the rogues use to subdue their captives?

The final 22, 547K word/ 90 page novella completing the Pixie paranormal romance novel (part 3 of 3)

Set in the world of the "In the arms of the dark elf" romance.