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Real: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus
Real: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus
Real: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus
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Real: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus

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"Would people know I'm a Christian if they didn't see me at church?"

This gut-check question was just what Jamie Snyder needed. Like many of us, he sensed his faith had become mechanical rather than meaningful, scheduled rather than passionate. Emboldened, Snyder set out to recapture the sold-out lifestyle of early followers of Jesus.

Here he shares how to live the life Jesus desires of us, a life defined by

Unbridled generosity
Daring courage
Rebellious joy
Risky faith
Relentless hope
Scandalous grace
Mad love

Be challenged. Be encouraged. Be a 24/7 follower of Jesus.

"This book will inspire you to take risks and step outside your comfort zone."
--Kyle Idleman, author of Not a Fan
ИздательBaker Publishing Group
Дата выпуска1 окт. 2013 г.
Real: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus
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Jamie Snyder

Jamie Snyder writes and preaches to thousands of people every week as pastor of Lakeside Christian Church. He previously served at the country's fifth largest church, Southeast Christian Church, where Kyle Idleman pastors. Jamie and his wife, Alex, and their two young sons live in Lakeside Park, Kentucky. Learn more at www.lakeside.org.

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  • Рейтинг: 2 из 5 звезд
    Not the greatest book I've read. Very light in content and somewhat pithy at times. It lacked flow. Idleman's intro was great, but this book seems to be lacking...
  • Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд
    How would you act as a follower of Jesus outside of church, Mr. Snyder gives us a lot of examples that will open your eyes to self examine each of our lives as followers of Jesus. I know that we all need to be able to step out of our safe little boxes and live big for Jesus. Live big for Jesus and you won't regret it.This book was provided by Bethany House for an honest review.
  • Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд
    There are two ways to read this book: the first is a comfortable, La-Z-Boy browse, in which you'll conclude this is a personable, very down-to-earth Christian writer who connects with people well and humorously.The second way to read Real is a little more disturbing: you slow down, ponder the hard questions Jamie Snyder asks, and realize that there's much more to being a genuine Jesus follower than skimming books and showing up on Sunday. Each chapter focuses on the risky, challenging, un-selfconscious, crazily generous traits of truly dedicated Christians. Don't skip the reflection questions at the end of each chapter. They are painfully hard, but will help you refocus on the quest to become truly "real." Thanks, Bethany House and Early Reviewers program, for the challenge!
  • Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд
    Enjoyed the book a nice follow up to Radical, short and to the point chapters, with plenty of Bible references. For a first time writer I thought it was well done.
  • Рейтинг: 3 из 5 звезд
    Snyder's book reminds me a lot of the sermons I heard growing up (I grew up on a Bible college campus), and I was reminded that far too often preachers write like they speak. He absolutely has some excellent things to say and I believe these are important for Christians to consider. What he gets at the heart at in this book is that self reflection is important and you have to own your own Christianity. It's not something nominal where you just call yourself a Christian but you don't behave as one outside of the walls of a church. As a Christian reader, I was put off by the lists of words he would use to hammer a point home. While this strategy can work, I found it detracted from the message of the book. It seems more sermon and less book. Suffice it to say the material is excellent and I greatly appreciate Snyder's take on it, but the linguistic packaging is lacking. Read for the spiritual challenge, not for the method.
  • Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд
    This book gives the reader who takes the time a lot to think about. Jamie Snyder asks the question, If people did not know that I go to church would they know I am a Christian? That alone is a great question to ask ourselves, but he goes on to show the characteristics of early Christians that are not the typical idea that we may have of what a follower of Christ should look like. He reminds us, though, that it is not our effort that will bring these about, but it can only be God working through and in us when we surrender to Him.For this book to impact your life you must take the time to think about the points brought up and the Scriptures used to support them.
  • Рейтинг: 2 из 5 звезд
    This book is good for Christians who like:Lists.Adjectives.Short Sentences.Easy Reading.The book asks a great question that has kept my thinking (Would anyone know I am a Christian if Sundays didn't exist?), but the meat of the book is weak. The ARC I received feels like a draft and not a finished piece. And with the number of one word lines it feels like they were attempting to stretch it out to make it seem like the idea could possibly be book length. I know it is the trend right now for Pastors to write books, but maybe, just maybe not every pastor is cut out to be a writer. If you want to be challenged by these same ideas by a good writer try out Mark Scandrette. "Practicing the Way of Jesus" and "Free" are ten thousand times better than "Real."
  • Рейтинг: 3 из 5 звезд
    This book revolves around the question how does somebody know that a person is a Christian. The author provides a series of meditation in trying to come to answer this question. The style of the books seems to me it was a sermon series that eventually became a published book. I do not know if this is true, but this reflects the style of the book. Each chapter comes with a series of questions and a prayer. The book is not a difficult read and it could be read in a day, but it would probably be more profitable over a period of time.

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Real - Jamie Snyder

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