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Автор: Connie Squiers

Длина: 105 стр.1 ч


Brandon Kasting was running with the wrong crowd when he reluctantly attended a Christian summer camp. There he was introduced to the sport of archery, he grew to love horses, and he learned more about Jesus. Sensing that Brandon had changed over the summer, his friends started bullying him for being smart, expressing a new love for horses and archery, and his growing Christian faith. He soon found Christian friends and partnered with his beautiful horse, Choctaw, to combine his love for horses and archery into something beautiful to watch, stunning those who had made fun of him. His superb horsemanship and his willingness to love even those who taunted him, eventually gained their respect and acceptance. Through exposure to other Christians and youth fellowship, he changed from being a stubborn, hateful son and brother, to a Christian with love in his heart for everyone, including those who bullied him.