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27 Views of Charlotte: The Queen City in Prose & Poetry

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27 Views of Charlotte: The Queen City in Prose & Poetry

Автор: Eno Publishers

Длина: 223 стр.2 ч


Charlotte is a city of the New South and the old South too. In 27 Views of Charlotte, twenty-seven contemporary authors write about their hometown in prose and poetry, in nonfiction and in fiction. This hometown anthology celebrates and reveals--from its history as the last Confederate capital to its reign as a textile center to its struggles with desegregation to its generations of shopping malls. 27 Views looks at the Queen City from the global to the personal. Underlying each of the 27 "views" is a deep and abiding sense of place.

The Introduction is written by veteran Charlotte Observer editor, Jack Claiborne. Contributors include Cathy Pickens, David Goldfield, Fannie Flono, Mary Kratt, Rye Barcott, Judy Goldman, and many others.

27 Views of Charlotte is the latest in Eno Publishers' award-winning "27 Views" series, a literary mosaic of towns in the Carolinas. To date, the series has covered Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Asheville. Volumes are also planned for Greensboro and Wilmington.