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Flight Twelve Twenty-One

Flight Twelve Twenty-One

Автором Greg Norgaard

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Flight Twelve Twenty-One

Автором Greg Norgaard

22 pages
15 minutes
Aug 12, 2014


Pro Se Productions continues its mission to bring new and exciting Single Shots to readers with the debut of a new Single Shot by author Greg Norgaard, FLIGHT TWELVE TWENTY-ONE —a suspenseful tale of world-wide disaster as witnessed from over 30,000 feet in the air.

Without warning, giant explosions from the sea rock the planet, killing everyone nearby almost instantly. Hundreds of miles away, veteran pilot Captain Jesse Jacobs senses something is wrong as radio communications start to go silent all over the map. As fire and ash starts to spread across the Earth, Captain Jacobs, his young co-pilot Craig, and the handful of other pilots they are able to remain in contact with struggle to maintain control over their aircraft and find a safe place to land before the fuel runs out.

Aug 12, 2014

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Flight Twelve Twenty-One - Greg Norgaard


By Greg Norgaard

Copyright © 2014 Greg Norgaard

Published by Pro Se Press at Smashwords

Most of the work was accomplished before the sun rose. The fishing trawlers were all moored and unloaded. A good supply of swordfish and calamari had been delivered to the fish-markets and restaurants hours ago.

The air was light and the sky was sunny.

"Bella, bella, said Johnny. Bella giornata."

Johnny was what everyone called him. That was because he had so many Americano friends. His real name was Lucho.

Johnny walked casually in his perfectly tailored, finely pressed slacks and smart long-sleeved crisp blue button up. It matched his deep blue eyes. Rare for a Sicilian. His red-brown leather shoes were buffed to a shine.

The wind blew through his hair after it had flowed over the Mediterranean and through the three tall pillar-shaped lava-formed islands off the coast of Aci Trezza. It was warm.

Yo, Johnny.

"Come vi?" asked Johnny.

The two men gave a curt kiss to each cheek.

"Bene, a tu?"

"Bene, bene," said Johnny.

"Dove stai andando? Pranzo?" asked his friend.

"Assolutamente, si... I’m starving. And you? You want to join me?"

No, no. Johnny’s friend smiled. "Are

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