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Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search

Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search

Автором Pamela Paterson

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Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search

Автором Pamela Paterson

194 pages
1 hour
Aug 5, 2014


Don’t be rejected from a job just because you got rejected by a robot! Learn the top strategies you need to know to get past the HR online job systems and land the job you want from this best-selling resume book (#2 out of 13,000 resume books, 2014). Author Pamela Paterson, MS, boasts a 90% success rate in helping her clients find jobs through her unique, scientific approach to resume writing, which capitalizes on her IT experience with HR systems.

HR online job systems are very sophisticated in how they can search, filter, and rank candidates. Learn how you can optimize your resume in these systems so your resume can navigate through them right to the hiring manager. In this extensively researched book, Pamela Paterson provides the techniques you need to know to transform your resume into an effective marketing tool that can outpace the competition in online job systems and spike the interest of hiring managers. Whether you are a new grad looking for your first job or an experienced professional, this book can help you get the job you want.

What People Are Saying:
“A tremendous help” —T. Hendriks, Google Deployment Specialist
“A piece of gold”—C. Carajan, IT Manager
“A fantastic book”—J. Gibson, Staffing Consultant
“Clear way of communicating”—B. Aschwanden, President, Publishing Smarter
“Practical tips and real life experience”—S. Nene, Instructor, George Brown College
“Offered a position that was perfect for me”—P. Cruickshank, Technical Writer

Aug 5, 2014

Об авторе

Pamela Paterson is an information consultant, college instructor, author, and speaker. She is author of the bestselling book, Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search.

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Get the Job - Pamela Paterson

Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the

Online Job Search


Pamela Paterson

E-version edited and formatted by Karen Bennis

Copyright Pamela Paterson 2014

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9878245-3-0

Writer Types Inc, Toronto, Canada


Edited by Tracey Grozier and Robert Long

Images by Carla Austin

E-version edited and formatted by Karen Bennis

Would you like a free resume review and job strategy session with the author Pamela Paterson? Free with every book purchase. Read the book and then contact her at beatresumesystems@gmail.com. Conditions apply.


What People Are Saying

A Tremendous Help

I haven’t written a resume since I finished school 20 years ago. I had added to it over the years, but when I found myself on the wrong side of a merger, my resume really looked like it was 20 years old. Pamela's advice on what to emphasize, and how to structure and lay out the resume to enable the key points to stand out was a tremendous help. Following Pamela's tips, I had a modern, professional-looking resume that I was very confident in sending out. In short order, I had calls and subsequently contracts coming in. —T. Hendriks, Google Deployment Specialist

A Piece of Gold

This resume book is a piece of gold for job seekers. It is the first resume book I have found that actually provides practical tips that are easy to understand and follow, and really work. Many resume books are unfortunately highly theoretical, and leave the job seeker in a cloud of confusion. Not so with Ms. Paterson's book, because as a natural writer and teacher, she has turned the book into a classroom and easily conveyed excellent tips in resume writing. She has provided an entire methodology in resume writing that will greatly benefit job seekers. —C. Carajan, IT Manager

A Fantastic Book

This is a fantastic book. Pamela did a great job in making resume tips very easy to understand. Even people with no practical writing experience will be able to pick this book up and use it to create an effective resume. As a senior staffing consultant who helps clients and candidates, even I found useful tips that I can pass along to my candidates. —J. Gibson, Staffing Consultant

Clear Way of Communicating

Pamela has a clear way of communicating information to people in a way that makes it immediately applicable to their needs. I have also asked her to present to my students and clients on workshops related to resumes and job finding skills. Her knowledge and effectiveness in transferring it to others is wonderful, and she can take subjects and make them come to life. Students often follow up with praise for Pamela and thanks to me for bringing her into the classroom to provide valuable lessons that can be applied right away to the job search! —B. Aschwanden, President, Publishing Smarter

Practical Tips and Real Life Experience

I attended Pamela's webinar on resume writing with 15 of my graduating students and boy were we all happy we did! She shared a lot of practical tips and real life experiences to bring home the points she was making. I was also very happy that she had her participants mail her their resumes in advance and she took the time and effort to go through each resume and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly—a great learning experience indeed. —S. Nene, Instructor, George Brown College

Offered a Position That Was Perfect for Me

I recently moved to a metropolitan area and was looking for employment. I had virtually no experience with job boards or recruiters. In a small town environment, my current resume format would have landed me an interview, but applying for jobs in a large highly competitive market meant that response to that version of my resume posted on major job boards was sporadic at best, resulting in opportunities presented to me that were not even relevant to my skill set. After meeting with Pamela and revising my resume, I immediately posted the new version...and literally within 3 hours I received two calls from recruiters about appropriate opportunities. The next day was spent fielding responses from more than 12 recruiters for more than 15 positions—all of which were relevant to my skill set! Within 2 weeks I had interviews, and within 3 weeks was offered a position that was perfect for me. I received unsolicited comments from both interviewers and recruiters as to the professionalism of my newly revised resume, and how impressive it was. I credit Pamela for her insight into what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed to create a winning and effective resume. —P. Cruickshank, Technical Writer



Chapter 1: About This Book


Who Should Read This Book

A Book Designed for the Online Job Search

How Will This Book Get Me a Job?

Can’t I Just Use Resume Writing Software?

Chapter 2: Learn the System


Resume Writing Is a System

Resumes Are Pivotal to Getting a Job

Know the Actual Purpose of a Resume

Think of Yourself As a Product Looking for a Buyer

You’re Interviewed If You’re Not Rejected

Impact of Online Job Systems

Influence of Social Media

Chapter 3: Create Layout and Design


Free Resume Templates Available

Important: Modify Templates for Your Industry

Why Layout and Design Matters

Easiest Way to Best Design

Problematic Design Elements

Headers and Footers

Columns, Tables, and Text Boxes


Poor Text Alignment

Lack of White Space

Too Much or Not Enough Color

Inappropriate or Uncommon Fonts

Use a Chronological Format

Why Employers Like a Chronological Format

Pros and Cons of the Chronological Format

Resume Section: Header

Pros and Cons of Including Your Address

Use a Professional Email Address

Resume Section: Objective (Optional)

Why Objective Sections Are Optional

When to Use an Objective Section

Alternatives to the Objective Section

Resume Section: Career Summary (Optional)

Alternatives to the Career Summary Section

Resume Section: Summary of Qualifications

Why This Section Is Most Important

Tailor the Summary of Qualifications Section to the Job

Resume Section: Computer and Technical Skills

Get the Skills

Organize Your Skills

List Skills Separately for Keyword Searches

Verify Current Company and Tool Names

When to Include Version Numbers

When to Include Level of Experience

Resume Section: Experience

Why the Experience Section Needs Your Best Effort

Managing Job Titles—They Can Make or Break You

Resume Section: Education

Education Problems and How to Fix Them

Optional Sections You May Include

List of Optional Sections


Volunteer Experience

Popular Writing Technique to Show Your Best Stuff

Dump Your Load

Chapter 4: Boost Your Content (Good Secrets to Know)


Choose the Right Words

Use Proven Facts

Show, Don’t Tell

Replace Weak and Vague Verbs

Use the Correct Verb Tense

Do Not Use I

Avoid Jargon, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

How to Select the Right Words

Grab Your Audience and Keep Them

Write for Short Attention Spans

Make Information Easy to Find

Do the Math

Appeal to Online Job Systems

Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Problem: Your Resume Doesn’t Match the Job Posting

Problem: You Have Gaps in the Experience Section

Problem: You Stayed Too Long at One Company

Problem: You Have Too Much Unrelated Experience

Problem: Your Dates Are Hurting You

Problem: You Don’t Have Any Brand Name Companies

Problem: You Are Labeled a New Grad

Problem: You Encounter Ageism

Problem: Your Resume Contains Discriminatory Information

Problem: You Are Shy

Page Length—How Long Should It Be

Page Length Debate

Don’t Write a Biography

Be the Preferred Profile (Get a Good Impression)

Show Your Values

List Multiple Contract Renewals

Mention Promotions

Be More Than a Brain

Learn Project Management

Be Results-Oriented

Leave Your Purple Hair at Home

Look Like the Locals

Common Sense Points Worth Saying

Follow the Employer’s Instructions

Check Spelling and Grammar

Chapter 5: Tailor Your Resume to Beat Online Job Systems


Your Resume Is Not About You

Care About Other People’s Problems

Techniques to Find Out What Target Audiences Want

Know Why the Job Is Available

Be Like Them

Know The Company Type

Beating Online Job Systems—What You Need to Know

Methods of Searching Resumes

Optimize Your Resume for Online Job Systems

Prepare for the Human Review

Using Social Media to Create an Online Presence




Blogs and Websites

Fix Your Online Image

Chapter 6: Keep Your Resume on Top (Network and Research)


Create Your Goals

Connect with Good People

Contact Associations and Groups

Choose Successful People

Get to Know the Rich and Famous

Find a Mentor

Get Personal with Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Realize That Knowledge Is Power

Create a List of Qualifications for the Preferred Profile

Collect Data About Prospective Employers

Pay Attention to the News

Think and Act Creatively

See Connections Everywhere

Realize That New Hires Don’t Always Work Out

Understand the Hiring Cycle

Pay Attention to the Words You Use

Common Sense Points Worth Saying

Pursue Multiple Opportunities

Be Open

Know What You’re Good At

Get a Personality

Show Appreciation

Be Ethical

Chapter 7: Test and Release (Network and Research II)


Approach to Testing and Releasing Your Resume

Understand the Power of Feedback

Use Criticism to Improve Your Resume

Conduct Information Interviews

Contact Experts

Dig Deep into Expert Knowledge

Get a Free Resume Review

Simulate On-the-Job Training

Hone Your References

Getting LinkedIn Recommendations

Save Your References Time

Groom Your References and Support Them

Common Resume Problems and Strategies

Your Resume Doesn’t Get Any Attention

You Don’t Receive a Callback After the Initial Contact

You’re Not Offered a Job After the Interview

Value Yourself

Chapter 8: A Final Word


Congratulations, You Did It!

Need More Help?

Appendix A: Strong Verbs for Resumes

Appendix B: Resume Checklist



About the Author


Chapter 1: About This Book

Paul had been looking for a job for eight months. When he applied the resume writing techniques in this book, he found a job in one week: Congratulations! You got the job.


Paul called me and asked for help with his resume. Paul was a documentation and usability professional who had been unemployed for eight months. He had impressive qualifications—a master's degree from a top university and work experience with a prominent politician—but none of it helped him get a job.

I could see how the weight of unemployment was pushing Paul down. When I extended my hand to meet him, Paul rose from his slouched position in the chair as if every move he made just required energy he didn't have. When he shook my hand, I felt depleted in that brief moment our palms met. He had nothing left.

Paul also had a major disability to deal with. He was in a car accident, which left him visually impaired. His eyes were very sensitive to the fluorescent light in the coffee shop, which

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