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Sandwich Shop Miracle- Inspirational Stories of Faith Book 1

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Sandwich Shop Miracle- Inspirational Stories of Faith Book 1

Автор: H.B. Barstrum

Длина: 30 стр.21 мин


Imagine being on the brink of losing everything near and dear to you...

Would you be able to handle the possibility of having nothing left? What would you do?

There are times when it is incredibly hard to keep your faith in tact when everything you love is slipping away.

This is exactly what Loretta Jenkins is going through in this powerful and inspiring Christian fiction tale in of the Inspirational Stories of Faith short story trilogy.

Loretta is at her breaking point, dealing with mounting debt and the tragic death of her husband Jack. With her Christian faith tested by the events that have unfolded in her life and the internal struggle to keep her hope alive, the big question is: will she find the secret to hold on to the one thing that she has left?

This magical inspirational religious fiction story explores the proven and simple solution to conquering the negative forces that challenge to destroy faith at its very core.

Sandwich Shop Miracle is a must read for readers of inspirational books and faith-based books alike.