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The Truth About Dangerous Sea Creatures

The Truth About Dangerous Sea Creatures

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The Truth About Dangerous Sea Creatures

5/5 (2 оценки)
96 pages
23 minutes
Sep 24, 2013


The Truth about Dangerous Sea Creatures, full of eye-catching photography and interesting facts will thrill any young reader interested in the misunderstood creatures of the deep sea.
Sep 24, 2013

Об авторе

Daniel Nunn has written numerous books for young readers on a variety of topics, specializing in early years and elementary education. Like Eddie the Elephant, he enjoys playing hide and seek with his two young children. His favorite hiding place is behind the curtains in the living room!

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The Truth About Dangerous Sea Creatures - Daniel Nunn

Dedicated to my brother Tom —M. M. C.

To Mary, who has given my photographs the gift of speech —J. L. R.

Thanks to Dot Wensick, librarian at the New England Aquarium, and Laura Burkhart,

reference librarian at the California Academy of Sciences; to Brian Nelson, senior aquarist,

New England Aquarium, for answering my questions and reviewing the manuscript;

also to Bill Curtsinger and Jeff Rotman for sharing their firsthand experiences

with many of these animals. —M. M. C.

Text © 2003 by Mary M. Cerullo.

Photographs © 2003 by Jeffrey L. Rotman.

Illustrations © 2003 by Michael Wertz.

Photograph on page 16 (Portuguese man-of-war) © David Schrichte/Seapics.com

All rights reserved.

Book design by Jessica Dacher.

Typeset in Centaur and Franklin Gothic.

ISBN 978-1-4521-3399-7

The Library of Congress has previously cataloged this title under ISBN 0-8118-4050-6

Chronicle Books LLC

680 Second Street, San Francisco, California 94701



What is it that makes us think twice about jumping into a sparkling blue ocean?

Are we letting our imaginations get the better of us? Have we seen one too many horror movies about killer sharks and giant squid? Or do we feel like trespassers in an alien world where we don’t understand the customs and behaviors of its inhabitants?

Sea creatures have an arsenal of weapons that a ninja warrior would envy:

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  • (5/5)
    Age Apropriateness: Primary, IntermediateGenre: Informational Review: This is a great informational book that gives accurate information about dangerous sea creatures such as barracuda, giant squid, and many others.