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English Vocabulary Box Set

English Vocabulary Box Set

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English Vocabulary Box Set

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Now, for the first time ever, and only for a limited time, you can get this value-priced, limited edition boxed set.
English Vocabulary Box Set includes two bestselling books from My Ebook Publishing House:

Book #1
English Vocabulary Exercises
As you improve your English skills and your grammar understanding advances, you will discover that building your vocabulary is the key to becoming an excellent speaker of English. This book will help you improve your vocabulary. A strong vocabulary not only helps you express your ideas, but helps you impress people around you with your understanding of the language.

Book #2
Check It Again!
Learn how to spot common mistakes in written English – and avoid making them!
We all need to write to communicate with others. This book shows you how to improve your written English by avoiding the mistakes that the professionals make.

28 сент. 2014 г.

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My Ebook Publishing House was founded as part of a large project, developed to bring you quality education materials. The publishing policy is guided by professionalism and follows the educational needs of our youth. The prestige that the publishing house has reached for the last years is emphasised by the large number of people that purchase its books as well as by the constant interest for libraries and educational institutions. We invite you to join us in the wonderful world of books!

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English Vocabulary Box Set - My Ebook Publishing House

Book #1


English Vocabulary Exercises

Table of Contents

1 – Expressions

2 – New Words

3 – Synonyms and antonyms

4 – Basic vocabulary


1. Find the correct version.

Fill in the gaps with expressions that contain colors.

1. I’m feeling very ______ because I miss mom.

(a) black

(b) blue

(c) white

(d) red

2. Tom and Jane didn’t believe me at first, but after they saw the proof in ______, they did.

(a) black and white

(b) white and black

(c) blue and red

(d) red and blue

3. Don’t tell jack anything about games because it’s like a ______ rag to a bull.

(a) black

(b) red

(c) white

(d) blue

4. Jack will help you with your game. you know he’s ______ hot at computer games.

(a) blue

(b) red

(c) black

(d) white

5. We are in big trouble but all you see are ______ skies.

(a) yellow

(b) white

(c) blue

(d) red

6. Don’t upset me, you already have a ______ mark with me.

(a) blue

(b) red

(c) black

(d) white

2. How do you pay a compliment?

Choose the correct answer:

1. Grandma is ______ tonight, she looks twenty years younger.

(a) stretching

(b) stunning

(c) startling

(d) starting

2. I didn’t expect you to do so good. I must ______ you on your grades.

(a) advise

(b) impress

(c) congratulate

(d) enquire

3. You really outdone yourself this time. the cake is ______ .

(a) delightful

(b) delighted

(c) delight

(d) delighting

4. Jack fixed the sink in one hour. He is a real ______ .

(a) professional

(b) tyro

(c) worker

(d) amateur

3. The following sentences contain expressions with the verb to eat.

Choose the correct answer:

1. What is wrong with everybody? It’s a ______ eat ______ environment in here.

(a) dog, dog

(b) bear, lion

(c) dog, cat

(d) cat, bird

2. How could you say such a thing, I’ll make you ______ your words!

(a) mark

(b) eat

(c) stop

(d) remember

3. Let’s go to a restaurant. I feel like eating ______.

(a) in

(b) outside

(c) places

(d) out

4. I am so hungry that I could eat a ______.

(a) cow

(b) horse

(c) rabbit

(d) banana

5. Jack has got her eating out of his ______.

(a) plate

(b) food

(c) hand

(d) trick

6. You really finished all the exercises? Well, I’ll eat my ______!

(a) hat

(b) dinner

(c) eyes

(d) egg

7. He’s eating his ______ out learning for the English exam.

(a) book

(b) soul

(c) heart

(d) cake

8. Well, you don’t have to eat ______ pie, but at least stop talking about it.

(a) humble

(b) fresh

(c) warm

(d) rotten

9. You are so sad. what’s ______ you?

(a) eating

(b) stopping

(c) minding

(d) the matter for

4. The exercises below contains known expressions.

Choose the correct answer:

1. Never ______ what Dan said about the homework, you know he is no good at English.

(a) think

(b) been

(c) mind

(d) by

2. You know what they say: lightening never strikes in the same place ______.

(a) once

(b) three times

(c) twice

(d) period

3. Jack is so predictable. I can read him like a ______ .

(a) magazine

(b) script

(c) book

(d) newspaper

5. How do we express ourselves when we want to buy a ticket or make a reservation? Choose the correct answer:

1. The train leaves an 9 o’clock in the morning, so we should be there around 8 in order to have time to buy our ______.

(a) coachers

(b) places

(c) tickets

(d) coupons

2. Hi, I’d like to make a ______ for two tickets at „Romeo and Juliet".

(a) credit

(b) commitment

(c) promise

(d) reserve

3. Hi. I would like to ______ a ticket for the 7:30 am flight to Dublin, Ireland.

(a) buy

(b) sell

(c) fly

(d) trek

6. How do we talk on the phone?

Choose the correct answer:

1. I had a fight with Jane and now she doesn’t return my calls. I just can’t ______ her!

(a) late

(b) touch

(c) reach

(d) back

2. If you want to call someone, you have to search the phone ______ for their number.

(a) agenda

(b) list

(c) register

(d) database

3. David called me earlier so I ______ his call.

(a) expected

(b) reached

(c) returned

(d) kept

4. I had to put John on ______ because I got an important call on the other line.

(a) wait

(b) expect

(c) hold

(d) check

5. I like my new phone, but it has one ______ problem, it’s a too big.

(a) significant

(b) major

(c) size

(d) spacious

6. If your phone has the ______ option turned on, you can see if people have read your text messages.

(a) passages

(b) loans

(c) report

(d) letters

7. I forgot my phone at home and when I came back I had three ______ calls.

(a) missed

(b) returned

(c) turned

(d) reached

7. How do we ask for directions? Choose the correct answer:

1. Didn’t you see it? We’ve just gone ____ our old school.

a. past

b. passed

2. It’s very easy to find us, just walk ____ the main road.

a. above

b. along

3. You are on the right way, just keep going ____ park place avenue for another 200 meters.

a. down

b. up

4. Do you know where Salion street is? Yes, it’s the third street ____ the right.

a. on

b. at

c. to

5. Don’t turn to the right, just go straight ahead and ____ the bridge.

a. over

b. above

6. Which way should we go at the crossroads? Just ____ left.

a. turn to

b. turn

c. turn to the

7. Find the fountain and you’ll see George ____ the end of the street.

a. at

b. in

Chapter 2 - NEW WORDS

8. Which are

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