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Solitary Refinement

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Solitary Refinement

Автор: I.M. Areal Person

Длина: 92 стр.2 ч


Solitary Refinement is a true story about a real person who was forcefully detained, drugged, and held against her will inside a "mental health" facility for nearly two months during the 1990s. The incident had a significant impact on her life. In this book she shares the journal she maintained while she was locked up, and offers an explanation of what happened before and after her time on the inside.

"I considered publishing openly, using my real name, but after discussing with others who’ve been similarly abused and subsequently judged, I’ve chosen to publish anonymously. The words are verbatim, straight from my journals, all I’ve changed are the names. I’ve also included some of the hospital’s documentation so you can compare what was going on in my head with what they said was going on in my head."