Afloat and Ashore: A Sea Tale

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Afloat and Ashore: A Sea Tale

Рейтинг: 2.5 из 52.5/5 (2 оценки)
Длина: 742 стр.11 ч


James Fenimore Cooper (September 15, 1789 – September 14, 1851) was a prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century. His historical romances of frontier and Indian life in the early American days created a unique form of American literature. First published in 1844, this narrative chronicles the adventures of Miles Wallingford, who runs away to sea to embark on a career as a merchant sailor. He runs the hazards of life at sea and intervals ashore involve him in the delights of romance and perils of legal and financial intrigue. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)