The Mercedes-Benz, SLK R171

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The Mercedes-Benz, SLK R171

Автор: Bernd S. Koehling

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Длина: 281 стр.1 ч


The SLK R171 was a step up from the successful R170 with its newer and beefier power plants. It is not only slightly longer and wider, it also comes with an almost 50 percent increase in torsional rigidity with the top down. Its interior is more up market and the SLK55 was the first V8 in its class. Updated in March 2017, this 220-page guide
- offers a comprehensive buyer's guide
- explains the VIN and Data-Card in great detail
- shows all respective R171 option codes
- discusses the strong and weak points of the engines
- talks about possible issues with the vario roof
- comes with over 130 mostly recent non-Daimler AG photos
- looks at its second hand prices and
- shows what tuners like Brabus etc had to offer.
The guide ends with a detailed list of the cars' technical specifications with paint options and the annual production history of each model. Enjoy!