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To the River (Cattarina Mysteries)

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To the River (Cattarina Mysteries)

Автор: Monica Shaughnessy

Длина: 38 стр.28 мин


Every writer has his muse...even Edgar Allan Poe.

It's true that the great Master of Macabre owned (or was owned by) a tortoiseshell cat named Cattarina. But little is known about his feline companion or the circumstances surrounding their introduction. Until now.

From her cottage in Fordham, NY, Cattarina tells of her humble birth beneath the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge, glorious trials as a gutter cat, and the chance meeting with Eddy that changed not one, but two lives.

Told from the perspective of Edgar Allan Poe's cat, "To the River" provides an irresistible feline take on history in this fictionalized short set in 1838 Philadelphia.