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Enlightened (Encante, #2)

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Enlightened (Encante, #2)

Автор: Lyza Ledo

Длина: 241 стр.3 ч


Sy has given up everything he's known to just be closer to Jayde, the woman that rejected him, but believed so fiercely he could change. He did. All that got him was a shared kingdom watching the love of his life with the man he vowed to hate. Some existence.

Cara was always a quiet person never hurting a thing but always weighed down by all-consuming guilt. She grew up fast taking care of a mother that had been unwell since her father's passing. When she is faced with working for the Encante Royals, she steps up hoping this could be the opportunity her family needs to prosper. She never imagined someone as cold and clouded by mystery like Sy would see right through to her very soul. No matter how frightened she is she can't seem to deny Sy and the fire he brings to her life, but can she live with the possibility of being burned?

Enlightened is #2 in the Encante Series. It is a stand alone NA Novel.