The Slavery of Extreme Minimalism and other Minimalist Musings

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The Slavery of Extreme Minimalism and other Minimalist Musings

Автор: Annie Jean Brewer

Рейтинг: 4.5 из 54.5/5 (5 оценок)
Длина: 47 стр.35 мин


This book contains eleven essays on the subject of minimalism written by Annie Jean Brewer, the author of "The Minimalist Cleaning Method" and other books. These essays have previously appeared on her website and have now been assembled into ebook format for easy reference.

"The Slavery of Extreme Minimalism" - A warning about the dangers of taking minimalism too far.

"Five Myths of Minimalism"

"Minimalism: About boundaries, not stuff" - Minimalism is about setting boundaries in your life to unlock your potential.

"Minimalism is a life hack"

"How to be minimalist in one step" - Minimalism described in as few words as possible.

"How minimalism changed my life" - a personal account of how my life has benefited from minimalism.

"Minimalism is perfect for the poor" - an essay countering the accusation that the poor cannot benefit from minimalism.

"The history of simplicity (and why I call myself a minimalist) - the difference between simplicity and minimalism, from a real-world viewpoint.

"The problem with simplicity" - everything has it's problems, including simplicity and minimalism.

"Minimalism and wealth" - how minimalism affects your wealth by changing what you spend on.

"How to apply minimalism to finances" - how low can you go?