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The Life From Scratch Series



She had Mr. Right all sewn up . . . until Mr. Wonderful came along.

Ethan is smart, funny, kind, gentle, great with Arianna's toddler son, a fantastic lover, and finally ready to settle down to a teaching job in Manhattan after years of nomadic work as a freelance photographer. Plus he's the adoring brother of Arianna's best friend, Rachel.

He's a truly special man, and the time seems right for him to move in to Arianna's apartment. But traces of the old Ethan exist--there was the much better but stodgy job he turned down and the "let's take off for Nepal next year" impulses.

Arianna is on the verge of graduating from a "finisher" at her fashion job--a highly paid seamstress--and is on her way to having her own designs produced. Suddenly her career is the central focus of her life--and into that focus walks Noah, a worldly, funny, sophisticated, and very successful writer for an award-winning television show. Their instant rapport leads to a design opportunity for Arianna and a friendship that slowly confuses her feelings for Ethan

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