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Moonblind: A Gail McCarthy Mystery

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Moonblind: A Gail McCarthy Mystery

Автор: Laura Crum

Рейтинг: 2.5 из 52.5/5 (7 оценок)
Длина: 165 стр.3 ч


In this ninth book in the Gail McCarthy series about the Santa Cruz vet, Gail is pregnant and taking a leave of absence from her work as a horse vet. Despite her intention to rest and prepare for her baby, she is drawn into the odd situation surrounding her cousin Jenny, who claims she is being stalked. Jenny hints at nefarious dealings in her past as a racehorse trainer, and accidents seem to happen with astonishing frequency at her thoroughbred farm. As Jenny’s only relative and friend, Gail wants to support her cousin, but can’t sort out truth from fiction as she tries to discover who the stalker (and eventual killer) might be: Jenny’s ex-husband, her former lover, his wife, or an unscrupulous player on the racetrack scene? As the accidents become more serious, Gail’s concern becomes desperate and personal, leading her to a dark confrontation where she must use all her wits to survive. With much accurate detail about horses, this is a winning combination of a truly gripping story and a big life change for the popular protagonist. Moonblind opens a reader’s eyes ... Sometimes a mystery novel is more than simply Whodunit; in Laura Crum’s latest, the "Why" of the act is equally compelling, and the story’s "Where" becomes more of a character than merely its setting. -- Laurie R. King, author of Locked Rooms Crum’s writing is lyrical, her plotting is fresh, and her characters come to life on the page. I’ll saddle up and ride along with Gail McCarthy any time. -- Laurien Berenson, author of Raining Cats and Dogs