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Light Airs and Yachtsman's Gales: Robinetta, #3

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Light Airs and Yachtsman's Gales: Robinetta, #3

Автор: Alison Cable и Julian Cable

Длина: 280 стр.3 ч


We have owned our yacht Robinetta for 7 years, and never gone far from home, but in 2014 we decided it was time she finished going round Britain.

I say finished, because after Robinetta was built at Birkenhead in 1937, she headed north, and in 1938 got to the Isle of Skye. From there she headed anticlockwise, making it to the East Coast of England in the late 1940s, where she stayed until May 2014.

She is only 20''on the waterline, and we passage plan at 3 knots, so it was going to be a slow trip!