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The Unsure Male

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The Unsure Male

Автор: Roy T James

Длина: 111 стр.1 ч


Look at males of any species. It is not difficult to see that the areas they monopolize are, invariably, careless attitude, unprofessional approach or aggressive behavior. Most, who acknowledge such gender based preferences in behavior, readily attribute this to evolution. How? Why? leading to more questions...
What is the connection between evolution and the violent nature? Let us re-examine evolution with this in mind.
If we look among plants delicious fruits, odorous and pretty flowers, appropriate extent of solidity, toughness, and other physical attributes of seeds can be found exemplifying the multitude of measures instituted by nature for promoting actions that shall result in the next generation, the first step in evolution. Mother Nature, who has taken necessary troubles to institute these fail-safe arrangements to ensure that the plant life progress unhindered, certainly has taken an analogous degree of care to ensure these for animal life too. In fact, all that we see around us that we (especially the learned ones!) tend to overlook as the superfluity men and women choose to become more appealing, be in the form of make-up, fragrance, ornaments, dress or other accompaniments, can be thought of as expedients similar to the ones seen among plants. But one question however pops up; why has nature left such a significant facet of the continuation of life to such flimsy and temporal factors? Why should the future of living beings be dependent on the capriciousness of individual choice?
Did Mother Nature falter in her first step itself, as far as the evolution of animal life go?
A thorough examination into the life and style of animals can show that each and every instance of sexual union ends in an utterly disagreeable finale. The male always is the recipient of unmentionable disgust and anger that the female conveys at the end of every such act. Also, the expression of such displeasure can be readily observed in the post mating behavior of all females, many of them acute, violent and life threatening, even resulting in the death of the male.
What rationale can justify subjecting the complete animal kingdom to such a predicament if not for meeting an essential need of life? It seems the immediate thought of our forefathers was of the calamity waiting for humans (males) if something is not done to prevent the females from expressing their displeasure after each and every instance of sexual union and did take appropriate actions in that regard. All that we celebrate today as unique human qualities are in fact leftover of those 'appropriate actions'. That certainly has made the human (males') life very comfortable, but the search for the rationale escaped them.
Continuing from there, it is rather easy to find all that we have been looking for, the 'trade marks' of male, hiding in this 'appropriate actions'. A little closer look at these trade marks can untangle, each and every issue facing the human race, however contorted.