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CORE Resonance: Ultimate Personal Performance

CORE Resonance: Ultimate Personal Performance

Автором J Hamilton

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CORE Resonance: Ultimate Personal Performance

Автором J Hamilton

100 pages
1 hour
Apr 8, 2015


CORE Resonance introduces the importance of quieting the brain and nervous system for the purpose of re-enabling our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence, God, Source, the Divine, Cosmos, or whatever you may wish to call the Order that everything shares. It is in the re-enabling of our natural state (identified as the order and governance shared by the entirety of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms) that we move back to the scale of order and harmony that is available to us, the most sophisticated nervous system on the planet.

In inadvertently losing this connection*, humanity became quite dysfunctional. Without access to Presence and accordingly Guidance, humanity became dependent on the brain for the processing of its surrounding but quickly moved to overload and settled into "learned" habits and patterns. This produces huge limitations, i.e., the "merry-go-round" effect of repeat, repeat, repeat with a big focus on resistance and reaction to stimuli.

The primary function of the mind, set up by the brain on overload, is: 1) survival (the ego) and, 2) to limit incoming information to the overloaded brain but inadvertently drowning out the subtle nature of our connection to the Cosmos. Hence the success with meditation and other mindless/mindful activities.

CORE Resonance is about re-enabling our natural state of Connection with the Cosmos, for which our possibilities become limitless.

*In biblical or religious terms, this was known as "the fall" or "the separation."

Apr 8, 2015

Об авторе

A teacher for over 20 years, I finaly have the time to write all those things I've had on the back burner. My first novel for adult readers is THE NAKED ZOMBIE which reveals secrets about the living dead directly from them. A second book is in the planning stages. Until recently, I have been a ghost writer for other authors. It's time now for me to "do my own thing."

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CORE Resonance - J Hamilton

What If Prosperity

Has Nothing To Do

With Money

by J.Hamilton

The "Shortcuts

Through Life" series

Book 4

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2015 J.Hamilton

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Exception: Permission is given for brief quotations and passages for the purpose of critical articles and reviews. Copies of articles and reviews must be forwarded to the publisher subsequent to publishing.

Published by VisionariesLab Press

2675 W. Hwy 89A, #1101

Sedona, Arizona 86336

Printed in the United States of America



ISBN: 9781310536328

Comments are welcome.

For more information or contact... jhamilton@COREresonance.com

Please report typos or corrections to corrections@COREresonance.com



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The moves were there but you didn't see them. As you come to understand this principal in action, you have to wonder what else you might be missing that is right under your nose! It almost appears that we are not able to discern everything that is going on in front of us.. and if this is so, what else are we missing?

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What if prosperity is not about money? What if prosperity is about the quality of the Synchronicity, Harmony and Order in your life? What if Prosperity is about the quality of our reality creating and the flow and evolution of your life ever escalating upward?

And, what if money is just a stop-gap for when your reality creating falters?. What if proper reality creating in sync with Prosperity brings us everything we need, and again money (as energy in storage) and simply fills in the gaps when our reality creating is not up to par?

What did prosperity and abundance look like before money? Maybe prosperity has nothing to do with money? Maybe prosperity isn't about money at all.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Yoga, Meditation, Coherence

(and the Super Bowl)

Chapter 2 Resistance and The Law of


Chapter 3 A Coherent Team Plays

Together Better

Chapter 4 What if Prosperity Has Nothing

To Do with Money?

Chapter 5 Allowing as the Foundation of Prosperity

Chapter 6 Life in the Fast Lane

Chapter 7 Ancient Guidance and Prosperity

Chapter 8 Tadpoles to Frogs; Caterpillars to Butterflies

Chapter 9 Rights and Duties; the big surprise and solution

Chapter 10 Things Aren’t Like They Seem

Chapter 1

Yoga, Meditation, Coherence

(and the Super Bowl)

I saw something astounding this past Sunday afternoon. I saw a football game (gee, maybe I've seen three games in ten years) that was quite interesting. It wasn't that the teams seemed so mismatched or that the score was so uneven; what I saw was a team that played as one. They made few mistakes and went down the field as one. They were tight and they overwhelmed the other team. Kind of like a pro team outplaying a college team.

What made them so different?

This past Super Bowl will make history. Big history! It defined not only the future of sports (as teams) but enabled a leadership model that might change the world. After all, something is going to have to change, and it seems we saw the beginnings of it on our TV screens –

and in the Super Bowl of all places!

You see, a linear model of change is not possible. A linear model says that if we do this then that will occur; if we do something else then something else will change. But it doesn't work that way even though this is how our brains, and particularly our minds, work. Instead, solutions will show up in a nonlinear fashion – similar to the coalescing of an idea whose time has come.

This is far more similar to how Nature works.

We witnessed this in this past Super Bowl Sunday, a game that arose out of a young group of people becoming aware of themselves, expressing their potential, and becoming more. We saw a group of people, the Seattle Seahawks football team, achieving coherence and going down the field as one.

We saw one team substantially outflank another and we know how they did it.

In Super Bowl XLVIII, it wasn't about a new drug or something to chew or a pill to swallow but instead, a team began to refine their nervous systems through yoga and meditation and the rest is history. Yoga and meditation quiet the nervous system and in quieting the nervous system, a whole new world awaits. And the next thing you know, the team goes down the field as one and win the Super Bowl. I call it coherence.

I suppose you could call it team coherence.

I once did a talk for Las Chivas del Guadalajara, a major soccer team in Guadalajara, Mexico. Chivas is goat in Spanish, and the name of the talk was Goats With Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads. The idea was that the team members are, first and foremost, nervous systems going down the field with a common goal. They listen, yell and whistle, and have their entire senses alert to each other as they go down the field. And

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