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Human in Rush: The Creation

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Human in Rush: The Creation

Автор: Piotr Orkisz

Длина: 407 стр.5 ч


Science is the key to our future. The question that however we do not have a definite answer to is: Will it open the door to idylls, or rather to a nightmare? Science is a very versatile key and how it will be used depends on who is holding it.
Did people stop evolving? This topic harnessed minds of researchers for many years.
Our purely biological evolution, according to many researchers, ended up and due to the lack of cleanliness and tolls for reducing duplication of genetic errors occurrences we're rather experiencing biological regress.
The results revealed one more unpleasant premise: if we still evolve, it is in a wrong direction. Our environment, our civilization is being managed by banks through corporations, politicians, unions of state and trade. The main ruling objective is money and co-rulers are: sexual desire, imprinted and indoctrinated beliefs, and a desire to rule. The environment shifts: increasing proportion of people is connected permanently to the Internet, some of us escapes there every day for hours, some indulges in activities only in the semi-virtual realities or games. We are no more developing as a species in direction to be better, smarter, more adapted to the conditions of our planet Earth, to live longer in greater health. We are developing in the direction of using sometimes our negative qualities to achieve financial advantage and advantage over the others.

Many researchers also indicated that there was a jump from the evolution to the digital revolution. Some scientists, philosophers and visionaries indicated that the natural effect of this jump is a scientific technical-biological evolution. Some were pointing to machines and robots as our successors, others androids, and still others bio-electronic hybrids.

The evolution of species by natural selection assumes however a replacement of the old specie by a new better adapted one, and it has been always a great concern. Will it be a natural long-term replacement? Hostile takeover and enslavement? Or maybe ... extermination of a whole specie?

In the late '30s and early' 40s of twenty first century the scientists are still debating, and considering different aspects of evolution, while the World is plunging into chaos. The chaos of war. Hidden, multi-level hybrid fight with many. It wasn't cold, based on intelligence and arming, but on media, electronics and technology. Of which illusory and false image was being shown in different parts of the World in a different ways.

In response to a threat discovered by the US intelligence, a team of researchers at the service of one of the largest corporations in years '30 XXI gets the task to create a man who is able to stop it. But there's a catch: to keep World's peace, it has to look like an accident.

This team of scientists of the highest level has two years to do the job. Gets a separate resort, unlimited funds and access to the latest research and technology. In the throes of labor they go too far and create someone who from the point of view of biology is no longer human being.

What kind of technology do they use? What will they be able to achieve? Who is the man who will undergo changes? What will he be heading for? What abilities will he have and how will he use them? What will he achieve? Will he be more like a human in his behaviors or rather like an android? Will he be able to love? Will he like sex?
What is the Public Cyberspace Matrix, how does it works and what risks does it entails? Is the vision of the movie "The Matrix": humanity connected to Virtual Reality and controlled by the computer is a real risk, without rebellion of machines? All of the above will be shown to you, dear reader, within this series of books. It will also check the status of Your scientific and technological knowledge, because some things contained in it are true and part of them exists only in the imagination of the author.