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In this day and age, everyone has a seemingly endless number of website passwords to remember, but Evernote is a great tool to help you keep everything in an accessible place, no matter what computer you are using. Many people keep these organized on a flash drive, but what if forget it and aren't at home? With Evernote, no matter what computer you are using, you can have access to all of your files, including the all important document where you keep your passwords and much more!
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Evernote Essentials Guide (Boxed Set) - Speedy Publishing

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1- What is Evernote?

Chapter 2- What are the Benefits of Using Evernote- Free and Paid Service?

Chapter 3- Who Should Use Evernote and Why?

Chapter 4- Getting Started with Evernote- What are the Basic Features?

Chapter 5- Evernote Mods and Tweaks- What Are They?

Chapter 6- How to Use Evernote Mobile

Chapter 7- What Are 10 Tips for the Advanced User?

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By: David Blaine

Chapter 1- What is Evernote?

Evernote by far is one of the best ways to organize information that flows in and out of your life. It’s called the universal inbox, because of its capacity to capture ranges of information from thoughts to digital footprints. Evernote flexibility and ease of use, contributes greatly to its popularity amongst individuals looking to organize the information they acquire on a daily basis, whether it’s generated from their professional or personal lives.

Search online today and you will find an abundance of information about this ubiquitous application; it’s filled with features for both novices and professionals to be in awe of. Since its inception it has grown to not only include options for electronically filing your documents, but to also optimize their usage. If you are not currently using Evernote, continue reading below to discover its many options.

It wasn’t that long ago, the norm for accessing and transporting information was either on a USB, or via a portable hard drive? Thanks to applications such as Evernote, you no longer have to carry your information with you. Evernote ability to save what you need on the cloud has made accessibility a simpler more transparent process, using a computer, laptop, or smart phone.

Other Benefits of Evernote

It has multifunctional capabilities which integrate with almost every form of online communications, including e-mails and web browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Using browser extensions, you are able to save part or all of any web page you wish, send content of an email for future reference, or simply enter text you want to remember.

It has multi-platform capabilities – It supports operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and OS X. Mobile systems such as IOS, Blackberry and Windows phone. Its ability to support numerous platforms, is part of the reason you are able to sync all your information across all your devices.

Taking and saving notes – When it was first launched, this ability was one of its most popular components. It’s a perfect tool for professionals to take notes in meetings, or for students interested in capturing necessary details. This feature works well because of the technology attached to it. Within Evernote is the ability to actively record whatever you wish, or if recording doesn’t interest you, you can certainly consider using the livescribe digital pen to capture the details you need.

Making Lists – Shopping lists, birthday lists, to do list, all your lists are possible with Evernote because of options such as check boxes and reminders.

Cloud Access – As mentioned above, Evernote uses the cloud to save your information. It also uses the cloud to sync your information, which is how all your devices will have access to your data. Consider taking a photo with your phone and it is immediately available on your desktop. That is the power of Evernote; it keeps you connected to your information no matter where you are.

Search all your information with a few keystrokes – One of the most powerful ability of Evernote, is its ability to search all your files instantaneously. When information is inserted into Evernote it will be indexed; whether it’s an image, a PDF file or text, Evernote will make it possible to find all your information. Another beautiful aspect about this feature is to not have to remember details. Search for a word or a phrase and Evernote will remember the details for you.

Share your Notes – Another powerful function of Evernote, is its ability to allow you to collaborate with colleagues, friend or family using its sharing feature. Evernote gives you the option of sharing your notes using a social network site such as Facebook, or you can create a link via e-mail, or simply e-mail notes.

These are just some of the many options available in Evernote; however, if you are still not sure what this very popular application can do, then consider its basic features.

Notes – consist of any application you can scan, email or write directly into the application. Once your information is inserted, that is when you see the beauty of Evernote and its ability to organize and manipulate your information however you wish.

Folders – Organize your notes by creating folders to differentiate your lifestyle. Make a home folder and a work folder, within your work and home folders, create sub folders. It’s up to you what direction you want to pursue when organizing your information.

Tags – Those images or text you inserted! Want to associate them with an event or a specific task? Create unique tags that will make searching and viewing your information seamless.

Atlas – those same images you inserted or addresses you referred to, Evernote can generate specific locations you’ve visited using geocode and the ability to geotag that information.

Web Clipper – use the web a lot to research? Then web clipper is the tool to insert information that’s important to you into Evernote. With web clipper you can save links, texts, images or