Game Ender

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Game Ender

Автор: B. James Patterson

Рейтинг: 2.5 из 52.5/5 (3 оценки)
Длина: 392 стр.8 ч


Raven West is starting over. She’s a ship’s captain without a ship. She’s broke, and because she’s beautiful, few investors take her seriously. However, she’s not without resources: a cool head, a sharp mind, and a steady gun make all the difference. Want of money drives her to take work as a freelance security agent for a team of scientists. They need her to protect their plans and equipment, though it may already be too late. Part of that technology—plans to a weapon of insurmountable power—has already fallen into the wrong hands. Raven must infiltrate the weapon itself and sabotage key components. To get the job done, she must elude the weapon’s security and escape detection, even as the forces of several governments align against her. Coming out of this alive will require the help of her brother Gideon, his guns, and every bit of luck she’s never had. But there’s no choice. If she’s ever going to get a ship to call her own she first has to keep the universe from blowing up.