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Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom
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Peeping Tom

Автор Ron Dawes

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Prim, proper housewife Julie is flabbergasted when she realizes her older neighbor is spying on her while tanning in her skimpy bikini in the privacy of her back yard. She’s never felt so violated, or so thrilled. With each chapter, her arousal causes her to become more emboldened. How far will she take Tom in her teasing?

ИздательRon Dawes
Дата выпуска30 апр. 2015 г.
Peeping Tom
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Ron Dawes

Writing these stories provides me an outlet to express my innermost fantasies. I love hearing from readers who have been moved by my stories. Feel free to drop me a note anytime.Many of my stories are based on my fantasies. Some of the stories are based on the fantasies of others that have contacted me. But all of them are fantasies. We have no control over our fantasies, and many of them will always be just that; fantasies, not real. I don't necessarily condone the behavior of my characters; some of them are a bit lecherous, I'm afraid. Some are rowdy. And some might just be a little nasty. But it takes all kinds.I believe that men, deep down, have a strong need to worship and adore their lover. I believe that women, deep down, have a strong need to be worshiped and adored by their lover. Most of my stories reflect those beliefs.

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    Peeping Tom - Ron Dawes


    By Ron Dawes


    Text Copyright 2014 Ron Dawes

    All characters are fictional, and, where involved in adult situations, are over the age of 18.

    PEEP SHOW = Chapter 1

    Julie turned in front of the mirror, admiring herself.

    Not too shabby for an old lady, she thought to herself, as she walked out of her dressing area.

    Her forty five year old body was stuffed into a swimsuit that was skimpier than she would have been comfortable wearing if she weren’t in the privacy of her own home. These spring days in South Texas are what made living there worth putting up with the hot summers. The sun shone brightly in the clear, blue sky, but the air was pleasantly mild, with a whisper of a breeze. These were the days Julie loved best. The kids wouldn’t need to be picked up from school until after four, so she had the entire afternoon to herself on this gorgeous, perfect day.

    She picked up her sunscreen and book, poured herself a glass of iced tea, and went to her back

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