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Exercise For The Brain: 70 Neurobic Exercises To Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss (With Crossword Puzzles)

Exercise For The Brain: 70 Neurobic Exercises To Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss (With Crossword Puzzles)

Автор Jason Scotts

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Exercise For The Brain: 70 Neurobic Exercises To Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss (With Crossword Puzzles)

Автор Jason Scotts

136 страниц
38 минут
1 апр. 2014 г.


If you are interested in learning the best ways possible to improve mental health then you need a copy of "Exercises For The Brain & Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & Fun Puzzles To Increase Mental Fitness & Boost Your Brain Juice Today."This text is written in a fashion that is easy to understand and the author himself has used quite a number of the techniques outlined in the text to his own benefit. As more and more persons seek better ways to retain and improve their memory this text is well timed. It gives the reader the solutions that they need to get started on the path to having a fantastic memory. Just as the body needs physical exercises in order to function correctly, the brain needs to be exercised as well to prevent it from becoming sluggish. In addition, you've probably heard the saying that as you get older, you starting becoming more forgetful and your brain just doesn't function as well as it used to in your prime. Well, that eventuality can be slowed down in a fun way that most people enjoy which is figuring out or solving puzzles. It comes with crossword puzzles to help enhance further your brain and memory.
1 апр. 2014 г.

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Exercise For The Brain - Jason Scotts

Exercises For The Brain

70 Neurobic Exercises To

Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss

With Crossword Puzzles

By: Jason Scotts


Publishers Notes 3

Dedication 4

Chapter 1- Benefits of Brain and Memory Games 5

Chapter 2- Sharpening The Mind With Speed Exercises 9

Chapter 3- Number Exercises for Your Brain & Memory 13

Chapter 4- Word Puzzles For The Brain 18

Chapter 5- Memory Puzzles 23

Chapter 6- Brain Teaser Problems 28

Chapter 7- Developing Cognitive Skills 33

Crossword Puzzles 38

Answers 79

About The Author 100



This publication is intended to provide helpful and informative material. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem or condition, nor is intended to replace the advice of a physician. No action should be taken solely on the contents of this book. Always consult your physician or qualified health-care professional on any matters regarding your health and before adopting any suggestions in this book or drawing inferences from it.

The author and publisher specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from the use or application of any contents of this book.

Any and all product names referenced within this book are the trademarks of their respective owners. None of these owners have sponsored, authorized, endorsed, or approved this book.

Always read all information provided by the manufacturers’ product labels before using their products. The author and publisher are not responsible for claims made by manufacturers.

Digital Edition 2014

Manufactured in the United States of America


This book is dedicated to individuals looking to enhance their brain and memory through fun activities.


A growing new body of knowledge called Neurobics is gaining popularity. Neurobics refers to mental exercises that enhance the brain’s performance. Dr. Lawrence Katz was an early pioneer in the field and coined the term Neurobics. It covers a broad spectrum, drawing on some previously known ideas then adding supplemental activities to the core research.

This new research in brain activity is that the brain like other parts of the body produces new cells that adapt and become integrated in the brain’s overall function. Previously, it was believed that brain cells were fixed, that you had a given number at birth. Then the research branched out into producing specific activities that stimulate brain activity.

The first part of this discussion covers the background activities that stimulate brain function, starting with diet and exercise then we discuss the more complex theories of mental activity. Included here will be specific brain related exercises.


Water is the key to life. A baby in the womb is 90% water. After birth it is 80% water. As an adult we are 70% water. In old age water drops to 60%, then to 50% in death. Our brains are 75% to 90% water. As you can clearly see water is critical. The oxygen in water travels to every cell in our body. Dehydration or lack of water causes fatigue and diminishes our ability to focus and concentrate.

Some foods are especially good for us. Eating fish two or three times a week provides Omega 3. Some research indicates that it lowers dementia and strokes. Most berries especially blueberries are also beneficial.

Walnuts calm inflammation of cell walls. Raw cocoa and dark chocolate are two known antioxidants. Use baking cocoa in milk. The milk has lactose that is a form of sugar and sweetens the cocoa.


Physical movement stimulates the brain. Playing all kinds of sports activates brain activity. Your brain processes

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