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Costume Jewelry Making & Making Jewelry With Beads : A Complete & Step by Step Guide: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

Costume Jewelry Making & Making Jewelry With Beads : A Complete & Step by Step Guide: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

Автором Janet Evans

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Costume Jewelry Making & Making Jewelry With Beads : A Complete & Step by Step Guide: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

Автором Janet Evans

3.5/5 (6 оценки)
237 pages
1 hour
Dec 16, 2013


Wearing jewelry is essential to helping women developed their own style. For women wishing to create a look that's unique, the last thing they'll want to invest money in is mass produced pieces of jewelry. It's for this reason alone, learning the skills needed for making beaded jewelry and costume jewelry could prove extremely beneficial. When it comes to making such pieces you need to know where to purchase the right kinds of supplies. In this book, " Costume Jewelry Making & Making Jewelry With Beads: A Complete Step by Step Guide (Special 2 In 1 Edition)" not only do we discuss what's needed to start your own beaded jewelry & costume jewelry making venture but also provide several projects you may want to try out. After finishing this book not only will you be able to create unique and stunning jewelry designs with beads for yourself but for others as well. In addition, if you're someone who has an eye for fashion and enjoys making their own things, why not save yourself money by making your own costume jewelry. Even the simplest pieces of costume jewelry can be overpriced, so why spend money on such accessories when making them for yourself could save you a great deal of money. Of course when it comes to making your own jewelry there are certain things you need to consider before you do. The first thing you need to consider before you begin the process of learning how to make costume jewelry is what type you wish to make. The best way of determining what style of jewelry you want to make is to look through various magazines and see what's on offer in stores locally. It's also a good idea to gain inspiration for your costume jewelry designs by visiting museums or art galleries. You may even gain inspiration for your designs when out for a walk. From the outset, this book has been designed for those who have never created jewelry with beads and costume jewelry before. However by the end you'll be an expert in the tools of the trade, the supplies you need and some basic skills you can advance upon over time. For more tips and tricks, download " Costume Jewelry Making & Making Jewelry With Beads: A Complete Step by Step Guide (Special 2 In 1 Edition)" now!
Dec 16, 2013

Об авторе

Janet Evans has written on a myriad of topics which have all sold quite successfully and now she has opted to focus on preparing great and fun information for children's ebook. In this book, Janet is providing fun facts, amazing photos and pictures about bears and compiling it into a comprehensive and easy to read guide for kids. It was well received by her clients.

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Costume Jewelry Making & Making Jewelry With Beads - Janet Evans



Jewelries are worn to signify wealth, power and status. The crown traditionally worn by royalty is perfect example of this. We use jewelries to show an affluent status and exude elegance. Jewelries are also used as charms and amulets. For example, ancient men used talismans to ward off evil. The crucifix worn around the neck is believed to not only ward off evil but also bring blessing to the wearer. Jewelries are also used as a symbol of connection or relationship. High school rings, lockets and engagement rings all signify our relationship with someone.

Today, jewelries could be worn as accessories to stand out, to feel sexy and to express yourself. These could be used by both men and women to attract the opposite sex. They could enhance a person’s natural beauty, and show an aspect of his personality. We all have a need to express ourselves. Sometimes, we wear jewelries to make a statement.

Most women like to be different and prefer to make their own jewelry. Making your own jewelry has its advantages. Even the simplest pieces of jewelry out there can still be costly, but making your own jewelry will save you money. You don’t have to fear walking into a ballroom and spotting another lady wearing a similar earring as your own. Since you made your own jewelry, the piece could be truly unique. And most of all, you can design your own pieces and make customized jewelry for that new black dress you bought. You’ll never fear ending up wearing nothing to accentuate your new dress because you can always make one.

The first part of the book discusses the art of making costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is created to complement a certain outfit. Its origins can be traced back to the 1800s when jewelers started using inexpensive glass for jewelry pieces. Over time, costume jewelry has improved in materials and design and has quickly caught on to mainstream fashion with some vintage pieces dating back to the World War II era.

The early chapters describe the tools needed when making the jewelry pieces and the different materials to build one. The remaining chapters discuss the different techniques you need to learn when making costume jewelry. If you want to make simple pieces, there’s a chapter dedicated to making simple projects which include the tools, materials and step-by-step procedure in making the project.

The second part of the book is all about bead jewelries. Costume jewelries could be made from various materials, but in the second part of this book, the focus in on the use of beads. Beads are small pieces which can be strung or adhered together to form a piece of jewelry. There are 2 different types based on the material. The first type is natural beads made out of naturally-occurring materials such shells, wood and nuts. The second type is the synthetic type made of materials such as plastic and ceramics.

The second part also discusses the different tools needed to start beading. Materials will also be discussed as well. The different techniques are in the proceeding chapter. The last part is dedicated to small projects designed for beginners.

Whether it is for your own use, for business, or as a gift, learning the basic technique in jewelry making is a must for anyone who wishes to create their own pieces. Jewelry making is not only a creative way to stand out; it may also be a start of your very own home business.

Read on, learn, and start making your first piece.

Part 1: Costume Jewelry Making

Chapter 1 – Tools Needed For Making Costume Jewelry

When it comes to buying the tools needed for making costume jewelry you’ll find there is a huge selection to choose from. However what’s important is when investing money in such items buy the best quality ones you can afford. Not only will these tools last considerably longer, but will help to ensure the whole process of making jewelry pieces is a lot easier.

The types of tools you’ll need to buy when it comes to making any type of costume jewelry are as follows.

Tool 1 – Round Nose Pliers

It’s with these pliers you are going to find bending the wire and making loops a lot easier. Of all the tools you will invest in for making any jewelry even the costume type, you’ll find this is the tool you’ll be using the most often. It’s important that the round nose pliers you purchase aren’t the standard DIY kind but those specifically designed for making jewelry, as they are much smaller.

Tool 2 – Flat Nose or Chain Nose Pliers

These are useful in many different ways, not only will use these pliers to hold your pieces as you work on them but also for when you need to open or close jump rings or links in a chain. Although these two pliers may do pretty much the same job if you need to get into tight spaces. In fact if you cannot decide which pair you should be investing in, I would highly recommend initially you get a pair of chain nose pliers and then invest in the flat nose ones once your ability begins to improve.

Tool 3 – Wire or Side Cutters

Without a pair of these you won’t be able to cut the wire or other materials you use for stringing your jewelry designs together. However if you’re going to be using memory wire to make costume jewelry then investing in a good pair of memory wire cutters is essential.

Tool 4 – Crimping Pliers

This particular tool is the one you use to crimp beads and which helps to ensure the beads will stay securely in position. It also helps to ensure the rest of the beads and other ornaments used in your design remain in place as well.

Tool 5 – Awl

You’ll need this tool if you intend to do any kind of knotting when making costume jewelry. Without an awl you’ll find it very difficult to produce knots that are not only of the same size and shape but also are very tight.

Tool 6 – Hammer

You don’t need a very big hammer just one that will allow you to flatten wire out so it becomes much harder and will in turn help to ensure it keeps its shape much better.

Tool 7 – Scissors

A really good pair of short sharp scissors is crucial when it comes to wanting to make any sort of jewelry. A sharp pair of scissors will ensure that when cutting materials such as leather, suede, silk or satin the ends don’t become frayed.

Tool 8 – Tweezers

Yes these are the same tool you would use to pluck your eyebrows at home. A good pair of tweezers proves invaluable when you want to pick up very tiny beads to then thread on to the wire or other stringing material. By holding the beads between the tweezers you can then hold them up to the light and see exactly where the hole is through which the wire or other stringing material needs to be threaded.

Tool 9 – Measuring Stick and Measuring Tape

You may be wondering why we recommend you get a measuring stick when you already have a measuring scale on your bead board. The measuring stick will be used to ensure you cut the right length of wire or material for making customer jewelry with. Whilst the measuring tape is crucial to making sure you know exactly what circumference a person’s neck or wrist is whom you’re making jewelry for.

Tool 10 – Bead Board

As well as having compartments in which various size beads can be stored, this particular piece of equipment also comes with a measuring scale and a groove into which the beads can be placed. Investing in such equipment means not only are the beads close to hand when needed but you can immediately which size they are.

Tool 11 – Beading Needles

This is a crucial piece of equipment you need to buy, as you’ll find threading small or tiny beads on to thin thread can prove difficult. It is best if you invest money in several different size needles.

Tool 12 – Adhesives

You may be wondering why you need adhesive to make costume jewelry with. You’ll need to invest money in two forms of adhesive for making costume jewelry with. You’ll need a resin based ones that allows you to adhere china and glass to metal. Plus you need to invest in a strong clear all purpose adhesive for when you want to stick wooden beads for example on to materials such as leather or other fabric types.

Tool 13 – Wire Jig

When it comes to working with wire you may find using pliers alone difficult and that’s why buying a wire jig should be considered. These jigs (boards) tend to be made from aluminium, wood or some transparent plastic material in which small holes have been drilled. You can then place pins into the holes, which then allow you to bend the wire around them to make your own designs.

Of course if you’d rather save money, you may want to consider making your own wire jig instead. To do this you will need a block

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