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The Greatest Show on Earth: A Brief History of the Canton Fair

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The Greatest Show on Earth: A Brief History of the Canton Fair

Автор: Peter D. Fenton

Рейтинг: 1 из 51/5 (1 оценка)
Длина: 32 стр.14 мин


The "Greatest Show on Earth" is a brief three part history of the China Import & Export Fair (the Canton Fair) and the 'barometer of the Chinese economy.'

China’s oldest fair, known as the Canton Fair, has the largest exhibition space, the widest variety and the highest quality of suppliers; and the highest trade volume in China. As once the sole avenue to foreign trade with China, the Canton Fair which has been continually held since its inception and is a microcosm for China’s economy.

The Canton Fair has been pivotal to China’s international trade and economic development. The twice yearly fairs China’s premier trade fair and since the fair’s inauguration, demand for stalls has been historically high, requiring the fair to be staged at five ever larger complexes.

Guangzhou has been the port of China’s ‘Maritime Silk Road’, at the forefront of China’s opening and reform, the Canton Fair has been instrumental in the promoting China’s economic output to the world and developing international relations.

As a bridge to commerce in China, the Canton Fair attracts diverse participants from across the world to see wide range of products in a comprehensive exhibition. The Canton fair has 50 specialized exhibition zones in fifteen major categories with an almost endless variety of products at the one exhibition.