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How to Be a Good Manager

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How to Be a Good Manager

Автор: Kimberly Peters

Длина: 122 стр.1 ч


There is much more to being a good manager than hiring and managing employees. Managers are often pulled in many directions at the same time and their ability to handle everything properly and efficiently is critical to their success.

Managers must also learn to create the proper manager/employee relationship so that both the manager and employee function at their highest levels.

"How to Be a Good Manager" shows you simple yet extremely effective techniques designed to increase productivity, reduce stress and help design the very best work environment possible.

We take you through the entire process step by step and show you how to achieve more with less effort and how to get the most out of your employees while making them want to work harder for you in the process!

"How to Be a Good Manager" is a must for any manager or manager to be who wants to achieve more and become more effecitve in their position.