The Car Free Experiment

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The Car Free Experiment

Автор: Annie Jean Brewer

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Длина: 156 стр.2 ч


Have you ever wondered what is it like to live without a car?

I did. While my first experiences in car free living sprung from adversity they made me wonder: can you really live without a car in Small Town America?
I researched car free living and made a sobering discovery. All of the books written on the subject covered larger cities and glossed over any potential pitfalls to the experience.

I made a vow to correct this. There needed to be an honest book on the subject, so I made plans to eliminate my vehicle and immerse myself in the car free lifestyle for at least a year in order to write a book myself about the subject. After several years of planning and preparation, I did just that.

Within these pages you will not just learn about my personal experience of living for over a year without a vehicle, you will also discover:
* Advantages and disadvantages of the car free lifestyle
* Is a car-free lifestyle practical with children?
* Shopping without a car
* Transportation emergencies
* Transportation alternatives
* Tips and tricks for making alternate forms of transportation work for you.
And most importantly,
* Can living without a car really save you money?

This book is not designed to necessarily promote the car free lifestyle; instead it was written to help you make an informed decision if you have ever wondered what it would be like to live without a car in Small Town America yourself.

I hope it helps.