Learn Guitar A Beginner's Course

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Learn Guitar A Beginner's Course

Автор: Justin Moss

Рейтинг: 4 из 54/5 (2 оценки)
Длина: 240 стр.1 ч


Complete beginners start here! 40 individually crafted lessons over 166 pages.

Become the player you want to be!

Covers open chords, extensive strumming, barre chords, theory, music and TAB reading, fingerstyle, arpeggio's and riffs + a number of pieces and songs to play.

A course for a beginners to start learning, or if you know a few chords already use this as an opportunity to improve your skills!

Some of the techniques you will learn:
• Open Chords
• Barre Chords
• Music Reading
• Strumming
• Theory
• Major scales
• Basic song structure and analysis
• Riffs
• Scales
• Arpeggios
• Guitar TAB
• Fingerstyle
• Licks and more!

The course has been designed to be the equivalent of Private Guitar Lessons but accessible at any time in your own home - like having your very own guitar teacher in the lounge with you.

As you learn, consider signing up for the optional accompanying video lessons - enjoy a compete package of learning!

Written by New Zealand Guitar Teacher Justin Moss, who has taught guitar for over 20 years as FINGERS OF FIRE GUITAR SCHOOL in Hamilton, NZ. Over 2500 copies of the LEARN GUITAR system have been sold.

"If you are thinking about it buy it now with confidence." bookdude

"Am on my 4th lesson now and loving it!" tashlynian

"I love the dvd's it's easy to learn from and understand." katcat2

"It's just like having a tutor beside you." rollyn2

"Learned more in 2 weeks from the book and DVD than in the last 5 years." bristolsteve

"Well presented, easy to follow and gets straight into it, no messing about." elbino

"Top Rate Tuition for a fraction of the price." johnjohn8

"Very impressed at the professional presentation and layout." rayurlich

"Very clear and easy to follow!" agy321