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It Starts With Food: A 30 Day Whole Food Diet Plan To Reset Your Body, Lose Weight And Become A Healthier You

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Are you ready to commit to a whole new way of living and eating? 

Certain foods are negatively affecting our bodies and causing many physical and neurological issues. By moving towards foods that are heart and head healthy we can directly change the way we feel. Almost all the symptoms of modern life can be traced back to the foods that we eat. What foods should we be eating and what foods should we staying away from? This whole food diet program was created to answer these questions. This is a diet and lifestyle plan that literally eliminates certain foods from the diet. We ask that you commit to 30 full days of elimination in which all unhealthy, hormonally unbalanced foods are taken away. You will cleanse your system from the years of toxins and impurities that have built up and start afresh. The aim is simple: through this process of elimination you will finally be able to listen to what your body is telling you. By the end you’ll know exactly how you react to certain foods and you’ll know what foods are most suited to your body. 
This 30 day system reprogramming will literally change your life forever. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn 

Commit to 30 days 
The healthy – which foods are best for you 
The unhealthy – which foods to avoid 
Amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes 
Frequently asked questions 
The reintroduction period – how to reintroduce foods into your diet 
33 Steps To Weight Loss Success 
Much, much more! 

It is important to know that all foods should be eaten in order to promote a healthy psychological and hormonal response. If you are eating foods that play havoc on your mind and your emotions, that is the first sign that what you are eating is not good for you. All foods should work to promote a healthy gut and a healthy immune system. It’s simple – food should make you feel good. We will show you how to look for foods that are whole, fresh and healthy. The fewer ‘ingredients’ they have, the better. We will give you all the recipes you need to start this new, wholesome way of eating and living. 

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