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World Coal Resources: Method of Assessment and Result

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World Coal Resources: Method of Assessment and Result

Автор: Gunter Fettweis

Длина: 369 стр.9 ч


World Coal Resources: Methods of Assessment and Results is an English translation of the German book Weltkohlenvorràte. This book presents detailed coal resources estimates for the world, and it illustrates and assesses the methods that are used to calculate them.
The book discusses the viewpoints for the techno-economic assessment and the classification of mineral occurrences in relation to coal. It also presents the total resources of coal in the world that are significant to the economics, and it offers ideas for the improvement of terminologies in mineral occurrences for better decision making.
Furthermore, this book presents the position of coal among the raw material of minerals. It also explores conventional mining and alternative technologies. Finally, this book deals with coal resources and its classification. This book will be of great value to specialists, as well as the general public interested in problems of energy supplies.