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The Limits of Mankind: A Philosophy of Population

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The Limits of Mankind: A Philosophy of Population

Автор: R. A. Piddington

Длина: 147 стр.3 ч


The Limits of Mankind: A Philosophy of Population provides information pertinent to the tremendous problem of world population. This book discusses whether the achievement of maximum economic welfare for the whole world will not result in minimum satisfaction for everybody through the exhaustion of habitable living-space.

Organized into 10 chapters, this book begins with an overview of population density. This text then examines the extent of damage that humans has done to the balance of nature, including the decimation of the forests, the spread of erosion, and the creation of deserts. Other chapters consider the potential danger from disease, which is greatly increased by the proliferation of humans. This book discusses as well the idea of planetary colonization. The final chapter deals with the evils of over-population in a world that had run short of space.

This book is a valuable resource for biologists, scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, and research workers.