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The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Eight

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The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Eight

Автор: Trevor A. A. Evans

Рейтинг: 4 из 54/5 (1 оценка)
Длина: 22 стр.16 мин


Without Wade and Yori to protect her, Kaela must face the enchantress Mavyn alone and determine what to do next. But as the city's guards close in, Kaela is forced to once again find help from an unexpected source.

The Outcast and the Survivor is a chapter-series that follows Kaela, a princess of the mythical kingdom of Kalepo. After her father's sudden death, Kaela is exiled from the kingdom by her older sister Mariam, who claims their father's throne within moments of his passing. By being made an outcast, Kaela is forced not only to say goodbye to her homeland, but also to all of civilization. Kalepo is known only to itself, meaning that Kaela should expect to find a world devoid of humanity beyond the kingdom's borders, but because of something her father whispered to her on his deathbed, she knows that there is more out there, a world of dark secrets for her to discover.

The Outcast and the Survivor is released one chapter at a time at the start of each month. There were times in the past when writers would release stories as a series, often for newspapers or magazines. It's not much different from TV series in that each chapter often has its own sort of conclusion, though the larger story is not completed until the end. The series is being written with the intent of ending it at chapter 36, which is scheduled for December of 2017, though this could change as the story develops.