The Inn by the Healing Path: Stories on the Road to Wellness Book 1: Never Alone

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The Inn by the Healing Path: Stories on the Road to Wellness Book 1: Never Alone

Автор: David Spero RN

Длина: 53 стр.35 мин


A short book of true healing stories, Book 1 in a long series. The Inn by the Healing Path is a place of comfort and learning on the difficult journey called life. After reading it, readers will feel stronger and have new ideas for their own journeys. Book 1 Never Alone highlights people who overcome difficult lives by supporting and learning from each other. Themes include: we are role models, we are valuable, when and how to help, to receive help, and not to help, how people fit into each others' lives as entertainers, teachers, and as objects and sources of love. Each chapter includes workbook questions to deepen readers' use of the story, if they desire. Teachers include Lao-Tzu, Buddha, homeless poets, teenagers and numerous others.
Coming books in the series include: Reasons to Live, The Power of Nonjudgment, A Book of Miracles, Coming Home, and Not Fearing Death.
Readers say things like: "Your insights into people’s lives and our human experience are always something that moves me deeply. There is a sincerity and integrity in your writing that has a way of going straight to my heart." - Esther, San Francisco, and "I always find myself stretched to grow when I read your work! You ask the “hard questions” without flinching and with a curiosity that can be almost playful."- Patricia, Oakland CA.