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The 4Cs of Relationships

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The 4Cs of Relationships

Автор: B. Yvonne Lee

Длина: 71 стр.2 ч


The 4Cs of Relationships is neither a marriage counseling book nor a guide to fairy tale love. Instead, it is for anyone looking to objectively assess their romantic relationship by asking the right questions at the right time. Key questions like, is my relationship healthy? Is it unhealthy? Is it where I want to be long-term, why or why not? Are my needs being met? Do I feel valued?

The 4Cs decision-making framework has been lauded as sensible and relatable because it challenges individuals to evaluate their relationship through a different lens. One that begins with identifying their separate needs and then those of the all important third entity, the relationship. The 4Cs gives couples a common vocabulary and simple tools to use as they understand why things may or may not be working.

The 4Cs of Relationships isn't about having another conversation on dating. This book forces people to have the RIGHT conversation about their relationships!