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How To Re-Invent Yourself and Stay Relevant

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How To Re-Invent Yourself and Stay Relevant

Длина: 60 стр.49 мин


How To Reinvent Yourself & Stay Relevant by Sonia Booth is intended to help you understand that it is simply not good enough to brand yourself but that it is important to continuously find ways that will help you stay at the top, ahead of the pack and achieve super-brand status. This book will encourage you to allow yourself to maximise your full potential and guarantee your success.

- You will learn the role and importance of personal branding and how to improve, re-ignite and re-energise your brand.
- You will be encouraged to explore various innovative, tried and tested ways that will help you to stay current and relevant in this fast paced world.

By Raymond Aaron - NY Top Ten Best-Selling Author