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Crossover and the Gymbrats: The Crystal Baller

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Crossover and the Gymbrats: The Crystal Baller

Автор: D. Calip

Рейтинг: 4 из 54/5 (1 оценка)
Длина: 122 стр.1 ч


ROSSOVER and THE GYMBRATS takes readers on a fun and magical adventure with eleven-yr-old Crystal Baller, Devaryl P. Carroll aka “CROSSOVER” – a dreamer and a gifted kid with an amazingly fast cross over dribble on the basketball court and the power to make his dreams become reality. With the help of a red mysterious crystal with the number 9 inscribed in it, Crossover begins to explore new worlds and endless possibilities.

Taking his talents from the streets of Los Angeles to New York, Crossover attends Longfellow Middle School for the Highly Gifted, where he meets a mentor along with a crew of other gifted tweens with their own special gifts, called The Gymbrats, who help Crossover recognize his hidden gifts. But everyone isn’t so happy to see the new kid on the block, as he learns the streets of New York can rival any of the tougher streets across the country, and currently belong to Flint a ruthless tweenager.