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Lost Behind Enemy Lines
Lost Behind Enemy Lines
Lost Behind Enemy Lines
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Lost Behind Enemy Lines

Автор Danny Clifford

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I absolutely loved this true story of Danny Clifford’s US Army Ranger Team Lost Behind Enemy Lines, while on a mission in the mountainous jungle of South Vietnam during the war. It is so well written, I felt like I was in a movie theater watching them dropped deep into enemy territory, knowing they are lost. I could feel the heart-beat and emotions they experienced as fear, exhaustion, and despair, turned into hope, purpose to live, and ends in a miraculous rescue from certain death, from an enemy that far out-numbered them.

I love the way the author transitions from the war in Vietnam to Spiritual warfare and how he compares the parallels between his Vietnam war experiences, tactics, and principals—to the Spiritual warfare human beings encounter every day, for our soul.

This book is profound. It left memories in my mind to; obey and follow my commander-in-chief’s every move — imitate Him in everything, how He eats, walk like He walks, talk like He talks, and let Him lead me spiritually through combat; it drives home the importance of relying heavily on Jesus for survival in an uncertain world! Keep up the good work, this is great stuff!
Now, get the book, sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy. It will change your life-forever.
I love the cover, it looks and feels realistic, awesome.

Anniya Mvula Lawrence, Praise and Worship Singer and Recording Artist, South Portland, Maine.

ИздательDanny Clifford
Дата выпуска26 февр. 2016 г.
Lost Behind Enemy Lines
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Danny Clifford

Thank - you for stopping byI am a Vietnam War Veteran who served as an Army Airborne Recondo Ranger from 1969 to 1971. I performed reconnaissance missions with a sex-man Ranger team and was also an adviser to the Vietnamese Rangers.Today I am a Pastor and multi-published author who teaches the Holy Bible. I am fortunate to have traveled during the past 7 years to Ghana, Kenya, Kosovo, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and back to Pakistan teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.I am blessed to be a father and grandfather who enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with family and doing God's work.I am also a retired Master Instructor, 4th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Art of Taekwondo, certified by the World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul, Korea. I was the coach of the State of Maine’s Junior Olympic Taekwondo Teams that attended the United States Nation Championship competitions each year from 1993 to 2002. competingI hope you read, enjoy, and are blessed, by my books; Lost Behind Enemy Lines - Who Do You Say I Am - and - Enter Thru the Narrow Gate.You may contact me by email at the ministry email: danny@ziongarden.orgGod Bless you,Author and EvangelistDanny Clifford

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    Lost Behind Enemy Lines - Danny Clifford

    Lost Behind Enemy Lines

    A Vietnam Veteran’s True Story of Survival and the Revelation of Physical and Spiritual Warfare


    Danny Clifford


    Copyright © 2016 by Danny Clifford

    February 2016

    All Rights Reserved.

    Published by Danny and Michelle Clifford

    Printed in the United States of America

    The author guarantees all contents are original and do not infringe upon the legal rights of any other person or work.

    Portions of this book may be reproduced with the permission of the author and/or publisher Danny and/or Michelle Clifford Contact us at; http://www.heartandsoulministriesinc.com

    Bible quotations are noted.

    ISBN: 978 0997288810

    E book

    Cover by: Lisa Hainline Award-Winning Graphic Designer of LIONSGATE Book Design, LionsgateBookDesign.com

    Edited by: Frank W. Kresen/proof positive, frankkresen@hotmail.com

    Interior Designed and Formatted by: Steve Plummer, SPBookDesign.com



    Editor’s Review

    Author Introduction




    Chapter 1 A Ranger in Vietnam

    Chapter 2 Lost Behind Enemy Lines

    Chapter 3 Know Your Enemy

    Chapter 4 Prisoners of War

    Chapter 5 Only One Way Out

    Chapter 6 A Relationship, Not an Affair

    Chapter 7 Peace Treaty Mediated by Blood

    Chapter 8 Saved by a Secret Weapon

    Author’s Testimony


    Almost all of us know someone who had been deployed to Vietnam. But most of the veterans don’t want to talk about their Vietnam experiences. So, for me, this is the first realistic, packed-with-details account of what daily life was like in Vietnam that I’ve ever read.

    You will enjoy Lost Behind Enemy Lines: A Vietnam Veteran’s True Story of Survival and the Revelation of Physical and Spiritual Warfare, a firsthand description of the reality of being in the infantry boots on the ground of Danny Clifford, a US Army Ranger Team Leader in Vietnam, on a mission behind enemy lines.

    Danny Clifford’s account of despair turning to hope and ending in a miraculous rescue from a large enemy force in Vietnam will be seen as a parallel to what a Christian experiences when their life is changed and saved by an act of God.

    In the second half of the book, Clifford paints an explicit picture of the parallels between Earthly military combat and the spiritual battle for their soul that human beings endure every single day of their lives.

    It’s not difficult to imagine Clifford’s Ranger Team’s extraction by helicopter, with the rescued soldiers hanging on to a rope ladder for dear life far, far above the ground, as the battlefield equivalent of The Rapture—not to mention the vision of Jacob’s Ladder.


    Frank W. Kresen



    Lost behind Enemy Lines is a true story of my experiences and training as a US Army Airborne Rangers performing reconnaissance missions in the central highlands of South Vietnam.

    My book will captivate you and take you on a mission where you’ll be Lost Behind Enemy Lines, and experience the reality of being in my infantry boots on the ground as a US Army Ranger Team Leader with no radio communication and ambushed by enemy trail watchers guarding a battalion base camp. You’ll experience running from an enemy that far out-numbers you, until your exhausted and experience the emotion of utter hopelessness.

    To survive in Vietnam and come home alive required elite mental and physical training and the discipline to perform our mission in extreme conditions. If we got distracted and disobeyed or ignored our training, our opportunity of survival was greatly diminished.

    There was a lot of things to distract us in Vietnam such as drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, and the thrill of living on the edge. These distractions were our un-seen spiritual enemies that we faced daily—ready to destroy us—before we even went on a mission to face our physical human enemies.

    The second half of Lost Behind Enemy Lines compares the similarities of the tactics and principals used to survive the warfare in Vietnam—too to those needed to endure through the Spiritual warfare that occurs daily for the soul of every human being.

    You’ll truly enjoy it. I promise!


    Danny Clifford



    I dedicate this book to my beautiful wife, Michelle. You believed in what God was doing in me! I am forever grateful to God for allowing you to enter my life at just the right moment and become my best friend, confidante, and lover. Without your encouragement, your smile, and your generosity, this book would never have been written.

    You are even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

    Thank you for being my caring friend and for loving me, even though at times it’s not easy. J



    Heather Clifford, my daughter, makes me beam with humble pride by the life she lives. I have never told her how great a teacher she is, but I should have, as I have learned a great deal from watching her and listening to her. She cares for other people more than she does for herself, always giving of herself until she hurts. She loves God and understands why He put her on earth. God has blessed her with a wonderful husband Ben, and so far a lovely son, Gabriel James. No he’s no angel.

    To my son Danny, when you were young I didn’t teach you about God. He wasn’t a priority in my life then. But God never gave up on us. He found me 14 years ago and He found you two years

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