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Business Automation Guide: Automate The 8 Biggest Time Wasters In Your Business (Time Management)

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Business Automation Guide: Automate The 8 Biggest Time Wasters In Your Business (Time Management)

Автор: Michael Pease

Длина: 109 стр.36 мин



BUSINESS AUTOMATION GUIDE : A Complete Business Automation Course includes Worksheets and the Most Popular Automation Tools

Are you sometimes envious of those persons who take vacations and do not worry about their business that smoothly run on autopilot? If we all had the possibility of doing only the pleasant part of our business and spent only minimal time on the rest, it would be great. You may think these people don’t tell the truth about how much time they really spend working or that they have a huge team all over the world working for them. The truth is: Their solution is a combination of outsourcing and automation. And this is a real option for everyone. You only have to follow three magic rules:

1. If you can automate a task, automate it!
2. If you can not automate a taks, outsource it!
3. If you can not outsource it, decide if it is an important task which have to be done.

What is left are the core value-added parts of your company that you or a member of your team have to do. This Business Automation Guide teachs you all the elements of your business, which can be automated. They include:

Website Creation and Website Content Search Engine Optimization Sales Funnel Email tasks Social Media Tasks Testing and Analytics Website Maintenance Business Payments

Additional you will get a list of the most popular tools to automate various processes as well as business automation worksheets to start with the automation of your business. So, kill the 8 biggest time wasters in your business and get enough time for the important things!

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