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Sell Your Book: 75 eBook Promotion Sites That Increase Amazon Sales

Sell Your Book: 75 eBook Promotion Sites That Increase Amazon Sales

Автором Greg Strandberg

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Sell Your Book: 75 eBook Promotion Sites That Increase Amazon Sales

Автором Greg Strandberg

164 pages
2 hours
Mar 18, 2016


Updated for 2016! 

New additions include: 

Calculating how much and when you’ll be paid by Amazon; 
Figuring how much you’ll be paid by Createspace; 
Understanding the Amazon genre categories so you can rank; 
Complete run-downs on promotions that worked for me. 

That's more than 10,000 additional words in this updated 2nd edition! 

You’ll also get more than 45 Facebook author groups that are great for promoting your free eBook days. In addition there's a preview of Tour Your Book, with 5 more blog tour eBook marketing sites that increase sales and get you reviews. 

Are you having trouble selling or even giving your book away? I know how you feel, and that’s why I researched 75 different eBook promotion sites that’ll get your book the attention it deserves. 

This book has: 

30 sites that promote your book for free; 
15 sites that promote your book for free and give you paid advertising; 
30 sites that offer paid advertising promotions. 

That’s 75 sites that will get your book in front of hundreds of thousands of people! 

I’m not going to lie to you; you can get all this information free online. I mean, all these sites are out there, and I give you the links to them. 

But why give yourself the hassle of surfing the internet for hours or days to find them all? Wouldn’t it be easier to get the complete rundown in one simple book? After all, you’ll be able to use the time you save to finish your next book. 

Get your book downloaded, sold, reviewed, and admired. Finally make your self-publishing dreams come true! 

Mar 18, 2016

Об авторе

Greg Strandberg was born and raised in Helena, Montana. He graduated from the University of Montana in 2008 with a BA in History. When the American economy began to collapse Greg quickly moved to China, where he became a slave for the English language industry. After five years of that nonsense he returned to Montana in June, 2013. When not writing his blogs, novels, or web content for others, Greg enjoys reading, hiking, biking, and spending time with his wife and young son.

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Предварительный просмотр книги

Sell Your Book - Greg Strandberg


Introduction to 2nd Edition


This book is 2-years old, I can’t believe it!

I put this book out on September 22, 2013. That’s just over 2 years ago now and the book has done well.

It’s September 2015 now and this book has sold 213 copies, making it my 4th most successful book overall.

Here’s how my books break down for sales:

I’m not shy to report this as I’ve done so on my website many times.

Hey, I’m not the biggest author in the world – yeah, who would have guessed!

So those are my best-selling books, all 15. I have more than 50 books now, but some don’t sell that well.

Actually, quite a few of them don’t sell at all.

What can I do to change that?

I don’t think I can do anything – many are too short, some are in Kindle Worlds (a program that doesn’t allow me to adjust the book’s price, making it nearly impossible to market), and some just shouldn’t have been written to begin with.

Yeah, I went off on tangents, writing what I wanted as opposed to what readers wanted. That’s why I got no sales.

Sometimes crappy covers and poor editing was to blame. Maybe it still is.

More often than not, however, it was just that no one knew these books existed.

Yep, I did no marketing, none whatsoever.

My books have been collecting electronic dust because of it.

Don’t make those mistakes – do some eBook marketing. This book is designed to teach you what that is and how it can help you.

There are 75 sites profiled, but like some of the reviews say, not all of them will earn you sales. Some aren’t worth anything, to be completely honest.

I’ve went through this book and pruned the list down. In fact, take a look at what the original Top 10 sites were:


eReader News Today

Pixel of Ink

Kindle Books and Tips

Kindle Fire Department



Kindle Nation Daily

Frugal Tips and Freebies


I think many of those sites are still great, but some don’t deserve to be in that list anymore...if they ever did.

The new list will be presented shortly, and many of those sites are still on it. BookBub is still #1 by far, and I have 17 rejections to prove it.

Yeah, I’ve never been chosen by BookBub. That’s a shame, as I can’t show you my results.

The updated version of this book has my marketing campaign results, at least for the following sites:

Kindle Fire Department




Book Basset




I’ll have my campaign results in the free and paid sections of this book. I also talk a lot about email marketing through MailChimp as well as general content marketing through your website.

I discuss all of these things on my own website, www.bigskywords.com and you’ll find even more information in my other marketing books for authors.

Yes, we’ve come quite a long ways since 2013. The industry has changed, earnings are different, and more and more people are choosing to self-publish with Amazon.

You can be one of those people and I’m sure you already are. That’s why you know that anyone can do it, but not just anyone can make their book sell.

I’ll tell you right now that my books aren’t the best-selling but they do sell. I’ve been a full-time, professional writer since April 2013. That means I make my living from writing alone.

My Amazon books account for a good chunk of that income, and while they’re not all best-selling books, many of them sell quite well.

Go ahead, check out my profile on Amazon and look at some of the rankings.

I’m sure you’ve done that already, however.

Do you know what they mean? It’s alright if you don’t, let me explain it to you.

This is a really good Amazon sales chart that gives you a general idea of how many sales you need in order to achieve a certain rank for your book.

So if you want to be #1 on Amazon you’ll need to sell 7,000 books.

That’s hard to do, but if you want to have the #1,000 book on Amazon you’ll need to sell about 140 books.

That’s a lot easier, and that’s pretty respectable money. For 140 sales of a book priced at $3.99 you’ll get about $372 in income.

That income will come 2 months or 60 days after those sales, and I’ll show you how to calculate that in a minute.

The real trick is getting those 140 sales in one day so that you can zoom up the Amazon charts, getting closer to that #1 spot.

Sites like BookBub can give you those sales easily, and they’ll probably give you more...if your book has a great cover, is edited, and is a good read.

What you need to do before that marketing campaign starts is go to your genre and look at the #1 book and the #100 book. Here, let’s use the Fantasy genre as an example.

Here’s what that genre looks like on Amazon, on the left-hand side of the screen:

Those are the genres you can be in if you’re a fantasy book. You’ll need to set your categories and keywords accordingly to get into those genres. That will be explained later.

For now, go ahead and look at the #1 and the #100 book in each, and then make up a list that looks like this:

What that tells you are the most competitive and the least competitive sub-genres in the Fantasy genre.

As you can see, Fantasy is the hottest, though many others have the exact same book as the #1 book.

What’s really important are the #100 books. If you don’t achieve a rank of at least #100 you’ll be off the charts. No one will see your book, you’ll have zero visibility.

If I’m going to do a promotion, therefore, I want to have an idea of how many sales I’ll need in order to rank.

I’d like to rank in the Top 20 so I’m on the first page of the 5-page genre listings. Sometimes that’s hard to do, like that Paranormal & Urban sub-category and the Epic Fantasy sub-category.

If I’m in something like Alternative History, it’s a lot easier. Still, people don’t buy from those genres as much. But you get the visibility.

It’s a toss-up, and when you’re not doing a promo you might want to move yourself to a less-competitive sub-genre.

It’s tricky, and that’s why there are so many author services sites that are willing to take your money, doing this for you or at least saying they’re doing it for you.

Don’t get scammed – it’s a lot more affordable to buy a few Amazon author sales and marketing books to learn the self-publishing ropes than it is to do some crappy promotions that give you nothing. There’s just too many books to compete with.

The average day on Amazon sees thousands of free books offered. That’s a huge pool of books for your free or discounted title to compete against, and it’s why you need to do a lot of marketing footwork.

Marketing Footwork

What does that mean exactly, marketing footwork?

Well, it’s a term I like to throw around a lot and it pretty much means you have to spend a lot of time going around the internet to various sites.

In the old days this used to be quite time-consuming. You’d have to go to Google, type in something like Free Book Promotion Sites, and hope for the best.

This book’s done a lot of that marketing footwork for you. Instead of having to find all the sites, they’re provided right here for you.

Now all you’ve got to do is go to each one and enter your book’s information. That should save you hours if not days or weeks.

Alright, before you read any further, I want you to know one thing: you can get all this information online for free.

That’s right! It’s all out there; you just have to visit these sites. In fact, you can even find lists out there online that’ll include many of the sites in this book.

So why buy this book?

Because I’ve given you all the information you need about these sites in one simple place.

You won’t have to spend hours and days going surfing the net, scouring forums, looking at old blog posts, and generally making your eyes red from all the time spent staring at your computer. After all, that’s time you could be using to write your next book, right?

I also want to make it clear that I’m in no way affiliated with any of these sites.

Before I began researching this book I hadn’t even heard of most of these sites. And my own website offers no promotional tools at all for authors, other than useful advice.

My only goal with this book is

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