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Pretty Wild

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What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo...until it doesn’t.
College sophomore Bailey Linn thinks a little sun and sand at Spring Break is exactly what she needs to de-stress. But when a tequila-fueled dance contest puts her, quite literally, in the lap of a Southern frat boy, things get interesting. Cash Daughtry is the complete opposite of Bailey in every way, but she’s intrigued enough by his piercing blue eyes and playful accent to spend one uninhibited night with him.
Back home at Oregon State University Bailey is shocked when she runs into none other than Cash. Now for the sake of his career they have to pretend like nothing happened - a task that proves easier said than done. Bailey quickly gets on Cash's bad side and they push each other’s buttons every chance they get. She harps on him for his pretty-boy cowboy boot wearing, country-music loving ways and Cash gives it back as good as he gets it to the wild and tattooed Bailey.
Eventually they find enough common ground to call a truce but when their lives outside of school intersect, the same things that brought them together threaten to drive them apart. Their connection is undeniable, but is it enough to overcome their differences?

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