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Автором Dr.Troy Clark

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Автором Dr.Troy Clark

455 pages
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Mar 30, 2016


A majority of Americans in 2013 (53%) felt for the first time in American history their own government is a threat to their personal rights and freedoms. Modern-day compatriot, Dr. Troy Clark, signals permanent losses to religious liberty in America as an eroding pillar undergirding basic freedoms enjoyed by all U.S. citizens. While Christian Americans pray daily for secular authorities, politicians and judges prey daily on constitutional freedoms. Churches remain largely paralyzed and unmobilized politically, as large swaths of freedom in America disappear forever. Yet, what is a Christian’s role in politics? This is a book that goes straight to truth, daring the heart and patriotic mind of each reader to act with Biblical purpose. In electrifying discoveries, Dr. Clark delivers a powerful response to political issues challenging Christians today: global climate change, immigration, gun rights, American history, mainstream media, and much more. “One nation under God” exhales a death rattle gasp in the America George Washington called to “defend at all cost”. Individual soul liberty for 240 years in the good ole US-of-A is soon ending, unless ALL God-minded Americans immediately.. Engage!

Mar 30, 2016

Об авторе

Dr. Troy Clark's multi-genre publications stretch with joyous leap and rush across the globe on a variety of successful business, personal growth, American history, religious liberty, and political topics. Those who hear him speak say that Dr.Clark is a motivator who will pick you up and take you farther than you ever dreamed. He's a balanced man of faith, vision, and integrity, with a passion to see others succeed. Dr.Clark possess a rare talent, while building his successful career, he builds "successful people", who become winners in life themselves. Proceeds from his book sales go to financially assist homeless shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, and treatment programs for victims of abuse, as well as faith-based organizations and charities. Utilized in Fortune 500 corporations, college level curriculum, national newspaper and magazine articles, churches, start-up businesses, TV and Radio program content, consumed by sales professionals, as well as circulated among military officers and troops overseas, Dr. Clark's success life-principles outstretch with joyous leap and rush into the fabric of US and international society. INVITE Dr. Troy to inspire your event, church, or organization at Troy Clark.net! See Dr. Clark's Videos: www.youtube.com/user/DrTroyClark Dr. Clark's Booking Agent: Susan 800.607.2535 www.susanguzzetta.com/troy-clark-topics/

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Engage - Dr.Troy Clark


Why ALL Christians Must Get Off Their Duff

To Wage Political War For Religious Liberty ©

Troy Clark, Ph.D.

Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved. 1st Edition 2016. Published by Dr. Troy Clark, Smashwords Edition.

ISBN 9781310305818

Writings contained herein are from the author unless otherwise stated. This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of the author.

All Scripture references are taken from the divinely inspired 1611 King James Holy Bible (1769 ed). Characters of stories in this book are real and have been given fictitious names to protect their anonymity.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this book does not guarantee satisfactory results for individuals and groups who may apply any information in this book to any organization or cause. Statistical data provided is current at this book’s original writing.

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in-'gāj, verb

15th century, Middle English, from Anglo-French engager

1: to bind (as oneself) to do something: INVOLVE

2: to come together and interlock

3: to enter into conflict or battle

4a: to attract and hold by influence and power

4b: to pledge oneself: PROMISE, GUARANTEE

Cambridge Dictionary, 2015 ©

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, 11th Collegiate Version 3.0, 2003 ©


Dedicated to

United States of America posterity

Proceeds from the purchase of this book are donated in part to homeless shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, and treatment facilities for victims of abuse.

There is not a truth to be gathered from history more certain, or more momentous, than this: that civil liberty cannot long be separated from religious liberty without danger, and ultimately without destruction to both. Wherever religious liberty exists, it will, first or last, bring in and establish political liberty.

The Honorable Joseph Story, (1779-1845), US Supreme Court Justice, US Representative (R-MA)

The church must take right grounds in regards to politics..The time has come for Christians to vote for honest men, and take consistent ground in politics or the Lord will curse them..God cannot sustain this free and blessed country, which we love and pray for, unless the Church will take the right ground. Politics are a part of religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to their country as a part of their duty to God..God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics.

Charles G. Finney, (1792-1875), Preacher, Author, Lectures on Revival, Oberlin College, President, Graduated Mary Jane Patterson, 1st American black female Bachelor Degree, Lectures on Revival influenced George Williams to found the YMCA and William Booth to found The Salvation Army

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:and the government shall be upon his shoulder..Isaiah 9:6

This day, I trust, the reign of political Protestantism will commence. The rights of the colonists as Christians..are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament.

Samuel Adams, (1722-1803), Father of the American Revolution, Upon signing the Declaration of Independence

Table of Contents

Book Start


Table of Contents


Chapter One: ENGAGE American History for Religious Liberty

Chapter Two: ENGAGE Politics for Religious Liberty

Chapter Three: ENGAGE Mainstream Media for Religious Liberty

Chapter Four: ENGAGE Global Warming for Religious Liberty

Chapter Five: ENGAGE Immigration for Religious Liberty

Chapter Six: ENGAGE Gun Control for Religious Liberty




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Does this sound like America to you?..

United States Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was court-martialed in May 2015 for refusing to take down Bible verses attached to her work-desk computer.¹

Captain America battles to defeat Tea Party conservatives in today’s Marvels comic book series. The 2015 armor-clad hero soldier in Battlefield Hardline video game mows down racist Tea Partiers and their colonial Gadsen Flag (Don’t Tread on Me). StarvingEyes Advergaming developed its 2011 Tea Party Zombies video game for children allowing players to indiscriminately slaughter Christian politicians like Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin (& Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Bill O’Reilly). Bioshock Infinite’s 2013 video game version requires players to shoot down giant, mechanized statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with angel wings made out of American flags, called Motorized Patriots, who recite quasi-Biblical statements of faith.²

The 2016 US Chamber of Commerce publicly pledged to spend $100 million in the 2016 elections to specifically defeat conservative Republicans.³

Twenty-six-year-old gunman, Chris Mercer, specifically targeted and killed 10 Christian young people and wounded 7 others in Oregon’s Umpqua Community College after ordering students to stand up if they were a Christian in October 2015.⁴

The 2015 Federal Department of Education under President B. Hussein Obama (D-IL) recommended public school initiatives that Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee implemented requiring 9th grade high school students in world geography class to practice writing the shahada - a formal prayer of conversion to Islam, There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Pro-life nurse Cathy DeCarlo was forced to perform an abortion in 2009 on a 22-week-old infant under threat of losing her job at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, even though the hospital agreed when she was hired in 2004 to her legal request to not perform abortions in compliance with state and federal laws.⁶

A junior high school teacher in Katy, Texas, gave a writing assignment to 7th grade students that asked them to either deny the existence of God, or fail the test, after telling them God does not exist.⁷

After 4 years of applying 15% prayer discount to the bill of patrons who observed a moment of silence, offered a prayer of thanks, or thanked the chef for their meal, Mary’s Gourmet Diner, a mom-n-pop restaurant in Winston Salem, NC, was forced to shut down the prayer discount upon threat of lawsuit from a Freedom From Religion attorney.⁸

Based on a 2013 anti-discrimination ordinance, the city of Coeur d’Alene, ID, issued a 180 day jail term for Pastors Donald and Evelyn Knapp for refusing to perform a same-sex marriage in 2014 -- before gay marriage was unconstitutionally legalized in June 2015.⁹

Houston, Texas, lesbian mayor, Annise Parker (D), targeted Houston pastors in 2014 issuing subpoenas for their sermons after pastors spoke from their pulpits in opposition to Parker’s controversial Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) that would confusingly allow trannies (transgender bisexuals) to use both male and female public restrooms.¹⁰

Justin Graves, college student and up-and-coming magician, was officially told by Cape Fear Community College drama instructor, Jack Landry, to dumb down his drama class project, a magic show illustrating a life change by Christ, after Graves’s fellow drama club students liked the idea and unanimously approved the project.¹¹

The 2013 US Attorney General under President Obama (D), Eric Holder (D), coached black pastors who are allies of President Obama at the 2012 Conference of National Black Churches about how to engage in political activity during the 2012 reelection of Obama while at the same time denouncing Voter ID laws, breaking a fundamental precept that US Presidential cabinet members not engage in political activities.¹²

An Indiana public school was banned by US District Judge Jon E. Deguilio from displaying a live nativity scene as part of their 2015 Christmas Spectacular due to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.¹³

Florists, photographers, pizzeria owners, and farm owners were all mandated by legal bullying in 2015 to serve same-sex couples who demanded service for wedding ceremonies, or face debilitating fines imposed by the US Government.¹⁴

In July 2015, Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that a 6-foot-tall privately-funded granite monument of the Ten Commandments situated on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds must be removed because it violates the state’s constitutional ban on using public property to benefit religion. The original monument had been smashed to pieces in October 2014, when someone drove a car across the capitol lawn and crashed into it. The incorrect state court decision overturned previous local lower court rulings determining the monument should stay, even though a nearly identical Texas monument was found constitutional by the US Supreme Court.¹⁵

Is this America? Yep.

Because America’s New Testament church belonging to Jesus Christ has squandered for decades an opportunity He blessed us with to retain political power as America’s largest voter bloc (evangelical Christians), religious liberty has lost its strength in these United States.

Can we gain it back? Nope.

Not if you sit still and silent after reading this book.

Not if God-minded Christians aren’t willing to do what it takes to STOP LOSING and WIN national power.

Not if we keep pretending it’s all up to God to keep America free.

Not if we keep play nice with political enemies to our own demise.

Not if we want America less than liberal corruptocrats who want her more.

I tell you the blunt truth. It’s over. Without new political revolution, religious liberty in America is doomed, finished, left unsecured and unprotected by the church at large. You just may not see it, nor feel it yet, where you reside.

For decades, under-informed, too-little-too-late Christian involvement in the political process has egged-on aggressive changes in our generation that legally kick tenets of faith out of society criminalizing Christianity.

Now, the start of a new millennium finds original American values reversed: Biblical beliefs are taboo and left wing extremism is heroic in these United States.

THIS IS A WAR directly assaulting evangelical Christians in America, the largest voter bloc (20-30% of all voters) in US national elections.

To a patriotic Christian, any challenge to the exercise of their faith is hyperlinked to a direct assault on freedom itself. The more liberals seek to legally strap believers in pockets of the country, the more they are actually creating conservative political activists out of ordinary God-minded citizens.

Original 1776 liberty was birthed in soulful men, many who experienced an inner spiritual freedom from sin’s debt in God’s salvation. Christians feel that squeezing religious liberty also chokes America’s core survival..like stealing the bread of a hungry man; like tampering with the rare medicine of a sick man.

Constitutional Christians who understand the times are fully aware that liberty becomes temporary through neglect and must be protected at any cost, at all times, anywhere it is challenged. Why? Individual soul liberty has always been the central life core to American freedoms.

The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are Biblically-inspired at their origins. In reverse, a forced theocracy from Islamic terrorism to Sharia Law has always been Koran-inspired from Mohammed’s origin.

Islam is a religion in which Allah requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sends his son to die for you. ¹⁶ John Ashcroft, US Attorney General, 2001-2005

Christians living a personal relationship with God realize religious liberty keeps us out of tyrannical bondage in America, as well as in the eternal life to come. Biblical values and American freedom are inseparably linked. Because of one, the other exists.

In the very same year the United States became a sovereign country, 1776, a European historian named Alexander Fraser Tytler published The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic, which clearly scopes the rise and fall of any country:

From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back into bondage.

Can you smell it?

Media air is rife with a blood-lust scent for Christian intolerance. Because our nation has not fought any outward battles threatening our very existence for roughly 2.5 centuries, battles have turned inward over a misanthropic view of eliminating God’s rightful place in American life. God is no longer needed, especially in pop culture, where most Americans instantly gravitate as the model for living an American Dream.

Nothing wrong with achieving wealth, but most people trying to mimic pop culture on their own sub-level, end up shelving conservative Godly mores. Traditional values are considered too boring, and must be abandoned to participate in a progressive-tilted society.

Secular public education also fails to connect traditional freedoms enjoyed by all Americans to Biblical values embraced by George Washington, compelling him intrinsically to secure liberty in 1776.

Aggressive changes in our litigation-based culture have kicked religious liberty in the groin and almost completely out of American government.

Because Christians are busy in-fighting over mostly petty religious differences, free exercise of worshiping God is almost over, being weakened daily by lawless lawmakers and imperialist progressively-liberal (anti-conservative) judges.

Thanks for nothing – uninvolved pastors, churches, and Christian leaders, who taught us for decades how to lose by doing little to nothing about it, remaining mute in political warfare during the last half of the previous century. Now, the start of a new millennium finds Christianity impotently aging out in these United States.

United? Hardly.

Welcome to the Divided States of America.

The political divide between patriotic conservatives and rank liberals could not be more bi-polar opposite today. Make no mistake, the God-belligerent peaceniks of the 1960s and 70s, as well as a new generation of tradition-haters are in charge running this country, filling a void of Christians.

While you read this book, dismemberment to the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and its Bill of Rights, plays out now in real time at the highest seats of authority in America. Radical left wingers know how to defeat us, and have done so in a big way. We (Christians) sat idly by for decades complaining, while soothing ourselves on a worn out pacifier of Christians shouldn’t get involved in politics.

Without saying so openly, liberal politicians want no more Christianity, nor its God, in American culture. Period.

Let’s not fool ourselves; liberal extremists can politically, or judiciously, strangle any law or constitution perceived by the political correctness police as unfair, even though such laws nourish the soul of American liberties. No matter. Covertly overturning religious liberties one-at-a-time by whatever (lawless) means necessary, left wingers in power relish waving bye-bye to anything God, giving law-abiding conservative Americans the middle finger politically.

Fanatical liberals infused politically will continue to advance the changed America they want, until it is illegal for Christians to rise up in unison to preserve religious liberty. We are witnessing this happening now.

The fight for freedom never ends, people!

To engage the culture means to unashamedly insert your Biblical values in a positive, meaningful way to influence American population. Nobody is stopping you from availing yourself to vast opportunities, except you. President George Washington’s faith in the Almighty played a significant role in securing America’s independence at its very beginning. He didn’t separate his Biblical faith from political action.

Neither should we.

If you wonder what we can do to WIN back a normal America again where God’s Word is prominently respected, you’ve forgotten our nation’s origin. How did our country triumph to gain free independence in 1776? Independent-minded rebels took a stand against and pledged to fight off enemies within their nationality (Great Britain) who were abusing individual soul liberty.

Don’t tell me we can’t win. Jesus won your heart at the empty tomb. When you receive Christ Jesus as Savior, winning becomes what we do and who we are, even after failure, even against impossible odds.


Religious Freedom Day, January 16


Chapter 1

ENGAGE American History for Religious Liberty

There is a time to preach and a time to fight. And now is the time to fight.¹

John Peter Muhlenberg, (1746-1807), Fighting Parson of the American Revolution, Lutheran Pastor, Major-General, American Revolutionary War (1775-1781), Vice President of Pennsylvania (1787), US Representative (R-PA 1789), US Senator (R-PA 1801), Statue in US Capitol Statuary Hall (1889), John’s father, Henry, founded the Lutheran Church in America, John’s brother, Fredrick, 1st Speaker of US House of Representatives

Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.²

John Hancock, 1st Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Who wants America most?

Nations decidedly rise and fall by which cause, which assemblage of people, which leaders engage most to achieve total victory. A free and independent America was won by no exception.

Who won America at her beginning?

Was America’s founding a tale of marauding white explorers (Columbus) bullying, overpowering, then callously wiping out native Indians with their mean guns vs. puny bow-n-arrows, only to construct a white privilege society upon whip-slashed backs of African slave labor, while raping and pillaging their way to gluttonous success via the American Dream - - all in the name of Jesus-inspired Christianity? So say left wingers today.

If you were from outer space planet Zorgonn visiting Earth for the first time watching CNN news, you’d think this was a peaceful nation of atheists, Muslims, and gays, being invaded by white Christian terrorists trying to take it over. This is a modern rendering of American history - and I’m not kidding - as it is understood by a swelling tsunami of Americans educated in secular schools, conditioned daily by blatantly-prejudiced mainstream media reporting, indoctrinated further by politically-correct biographical TV crockumentaries.

In recorded history, was America founded as a truly Christian nation?

In the formative days of the Republic the directing influence the Bible exercised upon the fathers of the Nation is conspicuously evident. To Washington it contained the sure and certain moral precepts that constituted the basis of his action.³

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd US President

America’s founding fathers were a handful of state-colony leaders who sacrificed all they had in 1776 for the 2.4 million settlers consisting of 90% farmers, who were 85% English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh descent.

The darker early days of their lives connected a luminous path from religious liberty to a free nation. Their sacrificial voyage to America was originally provoked by pockets of severe religious persecution in Europe, as the 17th century would leave medieval Dark Ages behind to inspire a new age of Renaissance discovery.

Thirteen humble colonies united politically and militarily to resist abusive British crown encroachments similar to horrific Medieval Age abuses they left behind on the other side of the Atlantic pond.

Colonial Americans formed their own army out of farmers and merchants, employed their own weapons for warfare (basis for 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution), expended their own funds for supplies, and fought the American Revolutionary War from 1775 to1783 to birth the first and only free nation in world history based on a Biblically-inspired individual soul liberty.

New England colonies: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut

Middle colonies: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

Southern colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Of the 56 patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence, 24 held seminary or Bible school degrees.⁴ At least 5 have been verified historically to be licensed ministers of Christ’s Gospel:

John Witherspoon, Robert Treat Paine, Lyman Hall, Robert G. Ferris, Abraham Baldwin⁵

Again, was America founded as a Christian nation, or not?

The United States of America were no longer Colonies. They were an independent nation of Christians..The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.⁶

John Quincy Adams, 6th US President

(T)he propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained. To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.⁷

George Washington, 1st US President, The Writings of Washington, pp.342-43

The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.⁸

John Adams, 2nd US President, Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, Vol.III, p.9

Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.

John Jay, 1745-1829, First Chief Justice, US Supreme Court, (appointed by George Washington), American Bible Society, President

The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.¹⁰

United States Congress, 1782

I am perfectly satisfied that the Union of the States in its form and adoption is as much the work of a Devine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testaments.¹¹

Benjamin Rush, 1746-1813, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence

Our ancestors established their system of government on morality and religious sentiment. Moral habits, they believed, cannot safely be entrusted on any other foundation than religious principle, not any government secure which is not supported by moral habits..Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens.¹²

Daniel Webster, 1782-1852, Webster’s Dictionary, Author, US Senator (R-MA), US Secretary of State under 3 US Presidents

Human law must rest its authority ultimately upon the authority for that law which is divine...far from being rivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters, friends, and mutual assistants.¹³

James Wilson, 1742-1798, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, US Supreme Court Justice, (Appointed by George Washington)

The great pillars of all government and of social life (are) virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone, that renders us invincible..A general toleration of Religion appears to me the best means of peopling our country… The free exercise of religion hath stocked the Northern part of the continent with inhabitants.¹⁴

Patrick Henry, 1736-1799, Revolutionary War General, Ratifier of the US Constitution, Champion of Republicanism, Virginia Governor, Give me liberty, or give me death!

..(t)hat the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be made known to all nations, pure and undefiled religion universally prevail,and the earth be filled with the glory of the Lord.¹⁵

Josiah Bartlett, 1729-1795, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, New Hampshire Governor

Let us enter on this important business under the idea that we are Christians on whom the eyes of the world are now turned..(L)et us earnestly call and beseech Him, for Christ’s sake, to preside in our councils.. We can only depend on the all powerful influence of the Spirit of God, Whose Divine aid and assistance it becomes us as a Christian people most devoutly to implore. Therefore I move that some minister of the Gospel be requested to attend this Congress every morning..in order to open the meeting with prayer.¹⁶

Elias Boudinot, 1740-1821, Continental Congress, President (1782-1783), Signatory of Peace Treaty to end Revolutionary War, Framer of the Bill of Rights, Director of US Mint, (Appointed by George Washington)

Grateful to Almighty God for the blessings which, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, He had conferred on my beloved country in her emancipation and on myself in permitting me, under circumstances of mercy, to live to the age of 89 years, and to survive the fiftieth year of independence, adopted by Congress on the 4th of July 1776, which I originally subscribed on the 2nd day of August of the same year and of which I am now the last surviving signer.¹⁷

Charles Carroll, 1737-1832, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, Member of Continental Congress, 1st US Senator of Maryland

Rendering thanks to my Creator for my existence and station among His works, for my birth in a country enlightened by the Gospel and enjoying freedom, and for all His other kindnesses, to Him I resign myself, humbly confiding in His goodness and in His mercy through Jesus Christ for the events of eternity. (Governments) could not give the rights essential to happiness..We claim them from a higher source: from the King of kings, and Lord of all the earth.¹⁸

John Dickinson, 1732-1808, Signatory of the US Constitution, Member of Continental Congress

I am a Christian. I believe only in the Scriptures, and in Jesus Christ my Savior.¹⁹

Charles Thomson, 1729-1824, Original Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, Secretary of the Continental Congress, Designer of the Great Seal of the United States

I believe that there is one only living and true God, existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. That the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are a revelation from God, and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.²⁰

Roger Sherman, 1721-1793, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, Framer of the Bill of Rights

With an awful reverence to the Great Almighty God, Creator of all mankind, being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory, thanks be given to Almighty God for the same.²¹

John Morton, 1725-1777, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, Member of Continental Congress

There must be religion. When that ligament is torn, society is disjointed and its members perish… (T)he most important of all lessons is the denunciation of ruin to every state that rejects the precepts of religion.²²

Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816, Signatory of the US Constitution, Member of Continental Congress

(M)ay I always hear that you are following the guidance of that blessed Spirit that will lead you into all truth, leaning on that Almighty arm that has been extended to deliver you, trusting only in the only Savior, and going on in your way to Him rejoicing.²³

Francis Scott Key, 1779-1843, America’s National Anthem: Star Spangled Banner, author

It becomes a people publicly to acknowledge the over-ruling hand of Divine Providence and their dependence upon the Supreme Being as their Creator and Merciful Preserver..and with becoming humility and sincere repentance to supplicate the pardon that we may obtain forgiveness through the merits and mediation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.²⁴

Samuel Huntington, 1731-1796, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, Continental Congress, President (1779-1781)

God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God?²⁵

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XVIII, p.237

Here is my Creed. I believe in one God, the Creator of the Universe. That He governs it by His Providence. That He ought to be worshipped.²⁶

Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790, Signatory of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, US Ambassador to France, Inventor: Bifocals, Rocking chair, Lightning rod (electricity)

To those who cite the First Amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions and every-day life, may I just say: The First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny.²⁷

Ronald Reagan, 40th US President, Alabama Legislature speech: March 15, 1982

Weary colonists initially arrived in North America to escape unimaginable, yet legal, atrocities via European-style Catholicism enforcing state-controlled religious uniformity. Bodily persecution physically drove Puritan pilgrims to a new, strange land across a vast pond in the hopes of securing individual liberties in the Americas. In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot.. they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man into mystery and jargon, unintelligible to all mankind, and therefore the safer engine for their purpose.²⁸

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President

The 8th US President, Martin Van Buren (1782-1862), was the first President born in America. Previous US Presidents spent ample time in Europe in their youth witnessing firsthand abuses on Protestant Christians leftover from the Dark Ages tortured religious climate.

Catholicism dominated both European religion and Europe governments for most of the previous millennia. Dating back to 1100AD, it was illegal for anyone to be baptized by full immersion outside of the Catholic Church or to own a personal copy of God’s Word – both offenses legally punishable by death, fines, or being flogged (whipped unmercifully) in public.

(Read The Perfect Bible by Troy Clark)

A severe Catholic Inquisition is aptly labeled the Dark Age (5th-8th centuries, Early Middle Ages), and the Medieval Age (9th-16th centuries, Middle Ages). Adding insult to injury, these legal tormentors, for the crime of immersing their converts (Acts 8:38), purposefully sentenced many Protestant preachers to drown to death by permanent immersion.

The half-enslaved Church of Rome cast its influence over civic powers sponsoring widespread examination (torture), imprisonment, and deaths of religious objectors (Protestant Reformers), until Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Catholic Church doors defying Catholic heresy in 1517AD.

There are two streams of Scripture that flow throughout history. Latin Vulgate (man-made) Catholic scripture stood in heretical opposition to Divinely-inspired Majority Text Holy Scripture in the 1611 King James Bible (1769 ed). Translators of Majority Text Scripture were legally squelched in death by fire – literally being tied to a stake and burnt alive.

(Read The Perfect Bible by Troy Clark)

While Majority Text Scripture manuscripts watered the seedlings of the New Testament church, the blood of Christian martyrs fertilized its pure Gospel fruit. A remnant of true believers safeguarded originally inspired, perfectly copied Words of Almighty God, passing down a legacy of religious liberty through God’s salvation in generations of Biblically astute progeny.

European full-court pressure to suppress Scriptures independent of Rome, and its Christianity independent of Roman Catholicism, eventually became a negative thrust which caused Puritan pilgrims to search out a new religious freedom across the ocean in an unfamiliar land. They knew that separation of church and state is less about governmental control over Christianity and more about a Scriptural-based guarantee of religious and civil liberty with justice for all citizens.

It was for the love of the truths of this great Book that our fathers abandoned their native shores for the wilderness.²⁹ Zachary Taylor, 12th US President

Brave reformers yearning for religious freedom came out of state-regulated churches, because Majority Text Scripture was being suppressed from the common man. Rome’s control was like a headlock on the culture. Catholic converts at this time capitulated from fear of negative reprisals. Sound familiar? (Islamic Muslim forced religion)

The Protestant Reformation (13th-16th centuries) ignited a revival of free will, free thought, and most importantly free access to God's Holy Words. Leaders rallying Christians to embrace personal freedoms were titled Protestant Reformers. Think Tea Party Patriots.

American freedom and independence were eventually won based on individual soul liberty. This lofty principle was coined by British Baptist Pastor Samuel Howe (1640), who taught it to pilgrim Reverend Roger Williams (1683), who passed it on to James Madison (1751), who penned the United States Constitution and became America’s 4th President.

The 1611 King James Bible is a catalyst to cultural human rights reform. Patriots who fought for our nation’s

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