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The Poetry of Truth

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The Poetry of Truth

Автор: Raymond Sunstrum

Длина: 375 стр.4 ч


A teaching assignment to the Bahamas is the beginning of a profound life-changing
journey for White Canadian Ray Sunstrum. The journey continues when he begins
pursuing a degree in Social Work at Ottawa’s Carleton University and meets the
love of his life, Dora, a Black woman from Trinidad and Tobago. But it is when their
daughter Janik is confronted with naked, unrelenting racism in the Quebec school
system that Sunstrum’s odyssey becomes a quest that leads him back to his roots and
the wisdom of the Elders through participation in a healing Circle. Seeking help and
restoration, he finds them both with the support of a wide variety of kindred spirits,
recognizes the change in himself, and then sets out to tell his story to the world. The
result, The Poetry of Truth, is the outpouring of a soul deeply engaged in living a true
life in which racism has no place. In prose and poetry, and in both official Canadian
languages, Sunstrum identifies the grappling tentacles of colonialism as the enduring
villain and wrenchingly relates the agony and pain of his daughter and her parents as
they grapple with unmoving bureaucracies in which the official mechanisms, supposedly
designed to prevent racism and to protect people from racial harm, fail in those
tasks at every step of the way.
- Ewart Walters