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Student Steps To Success

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Student Steps To Success

Автор: Sandy MacGregor

Длина: 295 стр.0 мин


1. Scientifically proven Accelerated Learning methods (the ability to achieve faster) are presented throughout the book, including a study method described as "7 Steps to Accelerated Learning". This is easy to learn and use, and will save you time.

2. The book is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 is Relaxation in less than 30 seconds, Section 2 is Achieving Goals Faster and Increasing Self Esteem and Section 3 is Academic Accelerated Learning. A unique feature is that the book is written as two books -- the pages on the right hand side predominantly appeal to the right brain, and the pages on the left hand side predominantly appeal to the left brain.

3. The Key Outcomes
--Learn faster and more easily using the Alpha Brainwave state
--Effectively deal with all study and exam stress
--Learn efficient life skills goal setting techniques
--Learn lifelong skills to increase confidence and self esteem
--Learn methods to handle the challenge of change

4. Benefits -- Learn Techniques to:
--Relax in 30 seconds -- and handle stress
--Achieve any goal faster
--Achieve faster learning
--Increase memory and recall
--Enhance creativity
--Develop new, effective habits faster
--Increase self esteem and confidence
--Improve comprehension
--Increase reading speed