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The Cure for GOD'S Epidemic

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The Cure for GOD'S Epidemic

Автор: Roshi Bharat

Длина: 547 стр.7 ч


THE CURE FOR GOD'S EPIDEMIC is a revolutionary book dedicated to last reformer of India who wanted to create a worldwide religious revolution. He was a saint and an intellectual warrior. By his name the minds of Priests, Acharyas, Pundits, and Mullahs tremble with fear. This book is based on logic and reasoning -a book which opens up Hinduism and sheds light on Islam and Christianity. This book will make you to think who you are and why you are on this planet. For Hindus it will be an eye opener as what they have been practicing so far and even practice today is not what Hindu Dharma is? This book is bound to touch your inner soul and mind.

The Book focuses for the first time in the History of religions on the following topics.

Is Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, etc. a GOD or not?
Who is the True GOD and does GOD exists -a scientific approach?
Concept of GOD, Matter and Prana -i.e., the Life Force
What is True Spirituality?
How can all religions live in peace?
Theory of Karma from Scientific angle
How is the universe created?
How was the human created first?
What happens after death?
Why one should NOT marry with cousins or direct blood?
What the Universe is made up of?
Demolishing Big Bang Theory!
Unified Theory of Creation
Concept of Prana
What is Space?