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Making Preparation for the Coming Separation: A Guide to Personal, Spiritual and Career Development

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Making Preparation for the Coming Separation: A Guide to Personal, Spiritual and Career Development

Длина: 94 стр.1 ч


Startups are being added to the list of the fortune 500 hundred companies, giving their owners the ability to fulfill philanthropic pursuits. People with so called “disabilities” are rising to new heights and becoming well known for inspiring and helping others like themselves to accomplish things that no one thought was possible. In each case, everyday ordinary people are showing extraordinary resolve to reach unfathomable levels of excellence. This begs the question. What is it that spurs these individuals to become so focused and so accomplished while so few of us ever do? The answer lies in what is hidden inside of each of us. The secret of their success lies in the fact that there was something inside of them that when awakened provided the catalyst for them to not only change themselves, but indeed the world.

That having been said, this book has been written to awaken that which is inside of each of us and to provide individual access to the necessary tools needed to overcome those barriers. It is designed to equip those who struggle to reach their true potential with the mental software necessary to overcome whatever stands between them, their success and true life happiness. It is a book about personal power and personal development, but unlike other books that are designed to sell you on how to market yourself to the world it has been written to offer you guidance on how you can create a much more meaningful life. It is an instructional manual on how to create a life that you can regard in the highest esteem because of the difference that you will make in the world. My desire is that this writing will provide you with the most important tool needed to reach the highest possible level of achievement, and to create a life that will have meaning not only in this world, but in the principalities beyond.

There are many reasons why people never reach their true potential, the most important of which is that they either: 1) don’t know that the tool that I am referring to is in their possession, 2) have forgotten about it or are unaware of its importance or, 3) they simply don’t know how to use it. Once you understand that you have access to this tool and learn how to use it, you are then able to tap into what I believe to be the most valuable resource available to humankind. That tool is our spiritual power. Our personal power is multiplied when it is fueled by our spiritual power. The body, the mind and yes, the universe, is made up of energy and of spirit and it is this spirit which when accessed, magnifies our personal power and unleashes our true potential.

For many, this spiritual power remains dormant which in most cases leads to a life that is only half lived. Psychologists tell us that as human beings we only use a small percentage of our mental capacity. We know this is true because few of us ever accomplish things like inventing penicillin from molded cheese, or giving humankind the capacity to fly to the heavens and beyond. But even more importantly, many of us never use all of our spiritual capacity either, let alone learn to merge our mental and spiritual capacities together to create a life full of commitment and satisfaction. Mostly everyone wants to succeed and to stand out from the crowd. My desire is to help you to become accomplished in such a way as to leave your mark on this world, while also making a good impression in the world beyond. This book is not just a motivational tool. It is a method to help you find yourself, find your spirit, and make your life one for the ages.