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Snowdrops for Phoebe: "Hey! Zeus!!", #1
Snowdrops for Phoebe: "Hey! Zeus!!", #1
Snowdrops for Phoebe: "Hey! Zeus!!", #1
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Snowdrops for Phoebe: "Hey! Zeus!!", #1

Автор Janette Davies

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Snowdrops for Phoebe is the January story in the first  book of three short stories from the "Hey! Zeus!!" Collection. 

When Phoebe's parents are killed she is forced to make life changing decisions. Grasping this opportunity with both hands, she realises that she has a lot of catching up to do to make her future life a happy one.  Everything changes for Phoebe when she meets a man who tells her she has hair the colour of snowdrops.

The February short story from the "Hey" Zeus!!"collection is Saint Valentine's Eve. When a complete stranger asks Gwendola Mathews to have dinner with him, little does she know what a fascinating character he will turn out to be. Gwendola is on holiday in Spain, staying with her granddaughter, Kate, and they are enjoying an evening in a local bar.  Maria, the bar owner sees Gwendola's admirer talking to her and when he has gone, she tells the two women all about him. Describing events in very bad English, she soon has everyone laughing.

The Green Hill, the third of the short quirky blasts of fun fiction, depicts the Easter Story from the view point of two small boys. David is a studious lad, whose father plays an important part in the events of Good Friday, whereas Thomas, his friend, is only interested in playing football. This chalk and cheese duo discuss all the events leading up to the morning on the green hill and try to understand each others point of view.

These three quirky blasts of fun fiction from the "Hey! Zeus!!"collection by Janette Davies will bring a warm glow to a cold winter.

ИздательQ G S Publishing
Дата выпуска29 апр. 2016 г.
Snowdrops for Phoebe: "Hey! Zeus!!", #1
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Janette Davies

A British Brummie by birth, Janette now lives in Almeria, Spain, with husband, Colin, where they are currently renovating a village house. To date she has written two novels set in Southern Spain, a Self Help Book and has also contributed to various anthologies. She is still trying to grow her own bottle of wine. Website: https://janettedavieswriter.wixsite.com/website-1

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    Snowdrops for Phoebe - Janette Davies


    On her way back home from the funeral, Phoebe made two stops in town.

    She entered the new trendy coffee boutique and gazed around in amazement at the array of coffee machines. A young chap approached and asked if he could help.

    ‘Yes please,’ Phoebe said. ‘I want the latest model coffee machine you have It doesn’t matter how much it costs – it’s for a very special present.’

    ‘Over here we have the fully automatic machines. You pop the beans in here,’ he said, pointing to the left side of the lid. ‘Pour the water in the other side; put your coffee pot under here. Press the button and Hey Presto! Perfect coffee. Very expensive but top of the range.’

    ‘Mmm,’ said Phoebe softly. ‘I think that is ideal. I’ll need some coffee beans as well, please.’

    ‘Certainly madam. Do you know what type of coffee the person drinks?’

    ‘Er..no, not really. I think they drink cappuccino but I’m not sure.’

    ‘These two are our most popular brands.’

    ‘I’ll take a packet of each then, to make sure. I think that coffee pot with the matching cups is lovely. If you sell them here, could I have one, please?’

    ‘Yes, we do sell the coffee sets. I’ll get you one in a box, wrap everything and get your guarantee made out. Just take a few minutes. As it’s for a present, would you like me to gift wrap everything for you?’

    ‘Oh! What a lovely gesture. I would really appreciate that. Actually, I have to go to the hairdressers now. Is it possible I can pay now and pick it up later?’

    ‘Of course. It will be waiting for you. I’ll give you some samples of our new ranges. Try them and perhaps, when you come in for your own coffee, you could let us know if you enjoyed them.’

    It was nearly 7 o’clock when Phoebe arrived home. The house felt cold and she turned the heating up. She wasn’t hungry – the Queens Hotel had put on an excellent meal - but she walked into the kitchen and opened a bottle of dry white wine. She took the glass of wine into the sitting room and sat in the dark. How could her

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