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Angels: "Hey! Zeus!!", #2
Angels: "Hey! Zeus!!", #2
Angels: "Hey! Zeus!!", #2
Электронная книга29 страниц21 минута

Angels: "Hey! Zeus!!", #2

Автор Janette Davies

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The second book of three short stories from the "Hey! Zeus!!" collection. Short blasts of fun fiction from Janette Davies.

Beginning of Foolish April:
'Where's Marcus?' she asked.
'He's in the office, Mum,' Kitty said.
'Sulking,' Dominic added. ''Cos he's on call and can't have a drink.'

I knew I was dead, but I had not been dead for very long.

Operation Cataract:
'When did you have your pacemaker fitted?' She asked the man sitting next to her.

ИздательJanette Davies
Дата выпуска2 мая 2016 г.
Angels: "Hey! Zeus!!", #2
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Janette Davies

A British Brummie by birth, Janette now lives in Almeria, Spain, with husband, Colin, where they are currently renovating a village house. To date she has written two novels set in Southern Spain, a Self Help Book and has also contributed to various anthologies. She is still trying to grow her own bottle of wine. Website: https://janettedavieswriter.wixsite.com/website-1

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    Angels - Janette Davies

    Welcome to Angels

    THE SECOND THREE STORIES from Hey! Zeus!! A collection of 12 humorous short stories from author Janette Davies.

    If you’re a fan of funny short stories, you’ll love these three humorous blasts of fiction looking at family life in a quirky, conversational style.

    Also in this series:

    Snowdrops for Phoebe

    A Crocodile Handbag

    All Saints’ Day


    ‘WHERE’S MARCUS?’ SHE asked.

    He’s in the office, Mum,’ Kitty said.

    ‘Sulking,’ Dominic added. ‘’Cos he’s on call and can’t have a drink.’

    April tapped and entered the office. She looked at Marcus and said ‘That was Jenny on the phone. Leyton wants you in as fast as possible. There’s a 4 year old with facial injuries – a dog got in their garden and bit her.’

    Marcus stood up and said ‘I’ll just get my things.’

    April put her hand on his arm. ‘Before you go, there’s something I think you should know – it’s Maud, Fiona’s little girl.’

    ‘Oh no!’ said Marcus, pushed her out of the way, and raced up the stairs.

    April called after him. ‘I’ll take you. I’ll get the car out now. When we get there, I’ll find Fiona and stay with her. I’ll just tell the kids we’re going out.’ She went into the sitting room and said ‘There’s been an accident with Fiona’s daughter, Maud. We’re going to the hospital. Listen now you two, come straight home after the audition. Don’t get involved in any stupidity, please.’

    ‘No probs, Mum, hope she’ll be all right!’

    April dropped Marcus off at the door and parked the car in the staff car park.

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